Paul Wins Virgin Islands, Every Republican in Guam Likes Romney

Ron Paul may end up not winning a single state, but he has secured his first victory in the Republican Primaries. Well, sort of. Based on results posted by Wikipedia, Ron Paul captured first place by 11 votes in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but finished 3 delegates shy of Mitt Romney. It seems that Paul just can’t catch a break.

Meanwhile, according to Wikipedia, Mitt Romney secured 100 percent of the votes in Guam. Was he the only man on the ballot or something and, if so, why vote at all? Maybe the propaganda is total there and he rode the lamestream media wave to their shores.  It seems too easy to call this 1 voter fraud.

It looks like we’re headed to another major dud of a general election. The only significant difference from past elections is that we now have a good major candidate – and the masses don’t recognize it.

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