Should Ron Paul Leave the Republican Party?

This is a question I’ve dealt with before, but I’ll do it again.

I just read this article that, if true, fits along with my belief all along that Dr. Paul simply won’t be permitted to win, even if he somehow gathers enough delegates to do so. In fact, I doubt that he’ll be allowed to even gather enough delegates to have some sway with the eventual winner.

Ron Paul should do what he thinks is best. However, my vote goes to him leaving the repugnant, cheating, filthy behemoth that the Republican establishment has become. Let them have Romney and, at the very least, Ron Paul can soften him up a bit in the national election for Obama to win a landslide victory. That would offer at least the brief satisfaction of dragging down those who refused to allow an honest man into office for once.

I’d like to see Paul run as a third party candidate and give some of us a little hope for a few extra months. How about you?

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