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I consider myself a typical American. I value my family, friends and personal integrity. I enjoy some sports and a cold beer on a hot day. OK, several. I'll put some money on a pony now and then, too. I feel that America, as outlined by the Constitution, represents the greatest concept of government that humanity has conceived. However, this sound-bite based, PC, half-truth environment that our leaders, celebrities, unions and special interest groups have fostered is a fallacy and a farce. It is mocking those that gave their lives for this country, insulting the citizenry and ripping this country apart. I question government's intent on all levels and doubt its' competency with all enterprises. I believe small government is good government, I just can't decide whether it should be small or infinitesimal. Drop a line at

  • Jcurrie6

    This sounds good, but does it matter that scotus voted 5/4
    for a tax not under the commerce clause?

  • Gary Sager

    Doesn’t this open up the possibility the Federal government can now tax anything?

    • Doublestuff1621

      The Federal government already has that power; i.e. telephone,cable,gasoline, etc. This ruling just makes it clear this is a tax. The Dems have repeatedly said it was not a tax. As a tax law it can be repealed by 51 votes in the Senate rather than 67 votes. Another point is that taxes should by Constitution be voted first in the House, not the senate as this was. 

  • chrisfuture

    Spot on. If anything, this will likely rev up the anti-ObamaCare supporters even more. The law is completely untenable without the Medicare funding, so as you say, its prospects are dim.

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