Romney-Ryan 2012

Although the official announcement has not been made by Mitt Romney just yet, plenty of leaks from his campaign have assured us that Paul Ryan is indeed Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick.  This is by far Mitt Romney’s most impressive decision so far, and it comes at a time when he really needs to do something impressive.  This whole election cycle has seemed like it was going to play out to which party has the smaller number of unhappy voters.  Few Democrats still have the intense adulation  they once felt for President Obama, but Romney was never any Republican’s first choice this time around.

So with a decision like Paul Ryan for VP, Romney shows that he has been paying attention.  He knows that this will not be an election between himself and Obama, and that he needs a “strong conservative” voice by his side.  He also knows that Paul Ryan is just the voice he needs, not too extreme, but he makes his policy stances very clear.  And with a Presidential candidate like Mitt Romney, you better someone with some clear principles in your campaign.