Socialized Health Care: The Debate Has Been Hijacked By The Crazy

This Is Going To Hurt

This is a really important issue, so I’m not joking around on this one. Take it from me, I have experienced socialized health care for the first 35 years of my life, and I have to tell you, it is the worst thing that could happen to America. Here are some of the reasons why.

  1. If the state can barely run anything properly, why would we expect that the state can run anything like our bodies properly? Because that is what we would be doing, ceding control of our bodies and our lives to the state.
  2. Did you know that a lot of the propaganda about how wonderful socialized medicine is a lie. People like Michael Moore purposely mess around with facts in order to further their cause.
  3. Did you know that this will change our quality of care for the worse?
  4. Did you know that the cost of health care will skyrocket, you just won’t know by how much anymore, since the massive costs will be hidden in your taxes.
  5. Death panels will be a reality. This is absolutely 100% true, they just don’t call them that.
  6. Procedures will not be decided upon by your medical professionals, but by a committee of bureaucrats. What do they know about the right treatment?
  7. The state will have a real interest in reducing health care costs. This will lead to things like them taking a very active interest in our lifestyles and our bodies. Here come the mandatory, early morning jumping jacks as we sing paeans to our savior.
  8. The heavy new tax burden will crush our optimistic culture

That last point is the most important. You see, most people don’t see the big picture. They have a paper thin understanding of what ObamaCare is all about. They watch and read about how “wonderful” the “free” health care systems are in other countries, and the media and propagandists like Michael Moore take examples of poor health care here, and examples of great health care there and just present those. The fact of the matter is that America still has the best health care system in the world.

People from all over the world, rich, poor and middle class, come to America to get the best of care. Where do you think Arab sheiks go when they need a procedure? Or Canadian who can’t get health care in their home province go? People travel to the US to get care. If the health care sucked here – then why would people travel here to get it?

If the care in Canada and Cuba is so great – why don’t you hear stories of conjoined twins, and famous international celebrities, go to Cuba for care? The fact is that they come to the US for a reason – we have the best health care system bar none – and one of the reasons we have the best system is that it still pays some attention to the free market.

In every other country, where the health care is poor – it is socialized to some degree or another. Injecting bureaucratic government processes into something which craves innovation to survive – like health care – will kill all innovation in health care.

Case in point – look at the time and money it takes for a new drug to get to market. This is an area where the government has dug deep into an industry. Time and cost keep all sorts of interesting drugs off the market. I bet there are a number of interesting cures out there which are being kept away from us due to the FDA.

But I digress: Beyond the fact that any socialized health care system will most likely cost a lot of money, and provide worse care (when have you ever heard that the states intervention in an industry making it better?), the extra burden that it will carry on our society will completely crush our spirit. Has there been any other legislation which basically gives the state control over our bodies? That the simple act of being alive in the US will require compliance? That if you do not comply with the payment of premiums, you can be thrown in jail. Jail time for simply living in the United States, and choosing to not contribute to the health costs of others.

The immense costs of this type of system cannot be understated. Each and every country where socialized medicine exists, the costs are so out of control – since there is no free market to rein them in – that it is standard practice to deny treatments to people for cost reasons. Isn’t that the exact same things that Obama wants to stop? So instead of insurance companies denying PAYMENT for a procedure, the power will be in the hands of the state to deny the procedure – period – no recourse. In the current system, you can still scrounge up enough money to pay for it – even if the insurance company denies payment. Under ObamaCare – if they deny you – you will have to leave the country if you want to get the treatment at all. This is exactly want many Canadians do. In fact, recently the Premier (like a state Governor) of Newfoundland went to the US to get a heart procedure done because the procedure was simply not available to him in Canada. And trust me, this guy wasn’t poor.

The costs cause the system to either deny treatments, or, because the waiting list is so immense, delay them so far as to make them pointless. For example, in some places in Canada, it takes 10 months to get a pre-natal screening. People have literally died in Canada, waiting for a “free” life saving treatment, when they could have crossed the border and gotten treatment before they died, but for a price.

Even Canadian Premiers (basically the same as state governors) have to travel to the US in order to get treatment. Some treatments are basically completely unavailable in Canada. Is this what you want here as well – governments dictating which treatments you can/cannot have at any price?

And finally, I want to recount a little conversation with a true Obama-ite on ObamaCare. Here was our dialog:

Me: Did you know that under socialized medicine, you may have to wait on a waiting list for treatment for a life saving procedure, where you could just travel to the states and get it done right away for a price?

Him: I’d much rather die than leave my family in debt

Me: Are you serious?

Him: Yes

Me: So you are saying that if your wife or child were sick and needed treatment right away, otherwise they would die, you’d rather wait and get the treatment for free, than try to borrow the money somehow now and get the treatment so that they could live?? (I asked incredulously)

Him: Yes (Dead serious)

When you have complete fanatics like this (see my nugget on Fanatics) running things like health care, you can understand why things which we thought were anathema to the American people, like death panels, are perfectly reasonable.

My friends, the debate has been hijacked by the crazy, and we need to take it back.

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