Have VIPER Hit Squads Been Given Green Light?

Have VIPER Hit Squads Been Given Green Light?

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Just a few days ago, you were exposed to a story based upon Russian intel called Obama Death Squads Are On The Move. Unfortunately, it seems there may be a couple of chilling developments to this story.

John Noveske, owner of Noveske Rifleworks, LLC, was killed the night of January 4th in a car accident.

As told by a police spokesman, Noveske’s vehicle reportedly crossed the lanes on a right-hand bend and struck boulders on the opposite shoulder. He wasn’t wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Noveske Rifleworks, LLC manufactures assault-style weapons and accessories. Interestingly, just a few weeks back, a patent was issued to Noveske for development of an “extreme duty machine gun barrel.”

Of concern with this story is that except for the “standard” police-spokesman report, there are virtually no significant details about the incident — no witnesses, no pictures, no audio tapes or videos. Was Noveske speeding? Was alcohol involved? Do skid marks on the road indicate he tried to stop? For all we know, he could have been forced off the road by a second vehicle. Perhaps he was bludgeoned to death elsewhere and his body dumped and his vehicle wrecked to simulate an accident. We just don’t know.

What we do know is the authorities claim they found a wrecked car and a dead body outside the vehicle and then presented the classic “man not wearing a seat belt dies in car accident” story.

Meanwhile, across the country, Keith Ratliff, a team member of FPSRussia, among YouTube’s top ten channels with more than three million active subscribers and a combined half billion views, was found dead January 6th.

Initial reports claimed Ratliff’s body was found (apparently dumped) on the side of the road. Only later has the grisly detail emerged that he was actually found executed — tied to a chair with a gunshot wound in the back of the head. Police have classified Ratliff’s death as a homicide.

And so, as a Russian Intel report warns of Obama sending out VIPER hit squads across America to terrorize and silence pro-gun enthusiasts, suddenly we have a gun manufacturer with a recent patent and a team member of a popular Youtube pro-gun channel dead within a few days of each other.

But have no worries, crusaders, our government is good. It operates strictly within the law and adamantly adheres to the Constitution. It represents the people. Hell, it is so virtuous and even-handed that, even as it pushes maniacally for gun control, it will buy guns back from you.

Clearly, this is all just coincidence.



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