I Often Wonder, Does The Future Prefer Freedom?


The other day Glenn Beck made this huge announcement that his “The Blaze” network, was going to be a “libertarian” network. That he has said in the past that he is more libertarian than say someone like Mike Huckabee, and that he has more in common with someone like Penn Gillette then Chuck Hagel. And in the past Glenn Beck’s been pretty good about reading the demographic trends, so is entirely possible that he is seeing a huge new wave of libertarian sentiment coming out of America. He is seeing a huge new wave of young people embracing libertarianism. Now, personally I’m not so sure.

When I look at most young people in America (even my own kids who I have to deprogram every day), and if you read article after article about high school students, college students, middle school students, elementary school students, pretty much every article states how they are all growing up feeling that they’re entitled. That, as I was saying the previous post, that government is good, and more government is better. This is what they’re been indoctrinated with. So what I’m seeing is a huge new wave of government loving kids, a government loving generation, a big government loving generation. Is this reality?

Maybe I’m just seeing what the mainstream media is trying to tell me. Maybe because the mainstream media is so enamored of big government and loves big government so much that it is only reporting the expansion of the indoctrination of big government amongst our kids. It’s given me the impression that the next generation of politically active individuals will all be socialist fascist communists.

Even though I know plenty of young libertarians, it just seems to me that maybe were outnumbered. Maybe there are more kids that prefer an entitlement society, just been given everything without having to work for it, then there are those who understand fiscal responsibility and limited government.

I hope I’m wrong, and hope Glenn Beck is right.