Golden Globes & The Superbowl: Perfect Cover For The Rape Of America


Jodie Foster, Gay Or Not Gay? If You Care, Why Are You Here?

It never ceases to amaze me, how the unimportant has become the important, and the important has become the unimportant in this country.

For example, here we are the president of the United States of America actually considering an executive order that basically nullifies the Second Amendment of the Constitution. We also have the same president screaming that will be a fiscal disaster if he doesn’t get his credit limit increased. Like a teenager who you give a credit card to, he racks it up all the way to the upper limit, and then asks for that credit limit to be increased. Should we increase that credit limit for said teenager? No. No responsible parent would. But these people are not responsible. They are likely the most irresponsible people on the planet. These things are given scant attention in the news media.

All we hear about are the Golden Globes. About how Jodie Foster intimated that she may be gay, or not. About which team is going to win the Super Bowl. Now, I love a good sporting match as much as the next man, but I will take the rape and pillaging of this country as a more important issue than a couple teams facing off on a gridiron any day.

Obama second term is when all this is to go down. We don’t know if what happened in Newtown was staged or not. But it doesn’t matter because as a famous liberal said once before “never let a crisis go to waste”. And this is a crisis that they will not let go to waste. This is going to be the end of the Second Amendment in this country. They will see to that.

It has been said that Walmart is already starting to not restock ammunition on their shelves. That they will not purchase new ammunition pending the results of the Obama executive order. As I said in a previous post if you really want to know what government is about to do, take a look at a large private businesses. They usually have people on the inside who been able to glean intelligence on where the administration is going. They wouldn’t be able to survive in this world without knowing what the government is about to do. And sadly most businesses are falling into this category. If Walmart is no longer buying ammunition you can bet that confiscation of ammunition, as well as a ban on ammunition is in order. But what we see across the plate across the news: the Golden Globes and the Super Bowl.

We’ve run up against the top of the debt limit yet again. This is probably the fastest we’ve ever hit the debt limit after just raising it. I mean didn’t we just hit the debt limit a few months ago? And here they are asking for money, more money yet again with no spending cuts. The Republican say that they will ask for spending cuts but will they really? I doubt it. They’ve got their own things they want to spend money on. The Democrats have what they want to spend their money so spending cuts are not happening. There will be another increase in the debt limit. That’s more money for us and our children to pay back at some point in the future. It’s unsustainable. But all we hear about is Jodie Foster. Is she gay, is she not gay?

It’s troubling enough that the mainstream media, don’t give a damn about where this country is going. They don’t give a damn about the raping and pillaging of the American taxpayer. I can agree with most of you that the mainstream media is a lost cause, all it is does is stump for this administration. But were seeing the exact same thing from Twitter users. From Facebook users. We’re seeing the exact same thing from, seems like, most the people in this country who are active on the internet. All the people are talking about are the Golden Globes and the Super Bowl. So even when you step away from the mainstream media it seems that all anybody ever cares about is entertainment.

The internet was supposed to enable non-mainstream voices to be heard. This is all being drowned out by all those who prefer to be entertained while the world falls apart around them. Do you know that the socialist government of the UK actively promotes going to the pub and getting drunk? They even run prime time programming on how to best get over a hangover. The governments of the world want us drunk, stupid and fully engrossed in our entertainment as they reach into our back pockets and steal our money, and reach into our gun safes to confiscate our guns.

Fascism and soft totalitarianism are already here, my friends. The question is, is it staying for good, or like an overstaying guest, do we show it the curb? Do we wake ourselves up now and grab our guns and point it at those reaching for our wallets and liberties, or do we just sink into the couch with our Doritos and enjoy the collapse?