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I consider myself a typical American. I value my family, friends and personal integrity. I enjoy some sports and a cold beer on a hot day. OK, several. I'll put some money on a pony now and then, too. I feel that America, as outlined by the Constitution, represents the greatest concept of government that humanity has conceived. However, this sound-bite based, PC, half-truth environment that our leaders, celebrities, unions and special interest groups have fostered is a fallacy and a farce. It is mocking those that gave their lives for this country, insulting the citizenry and ripping this country apart. I question government's intent on all levels and doubt its' competency with all enterprises. I believe small government is good government, I just can't decide whether it should be small or infinitesimal. Drop a line at

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    What a shame. This is the story of those who are given respect by their own people, those who are elevated to high positions by their own people, those who are in competence authority to serve the people who supported them to high positions, yet they use their name, fame, and money to fuck underage and overage girls at every opportunity. This is not just confined to one country, it’s the norm in this part of the world also. We know our people in high positions here who would arrange expensive “mujras” (dancing of the prostitutes), drinks, and then let loose on a fucking spree. No wonder we see unrest, troubles, economic downturn, and terrorism all over the world as those who are supposed to overcome these troubles are busy overcoming their own sexual urges. May Allah bless this earth!

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