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I consider myself a typical American. I value my family, friends and personal integrity. I enjoy some sports and a cold beer on a hot day. OK, several. I'll put some money on a pony now and then, too. I feel that America, as outlined by the Constitution, represents the greatest concept of government that humanity has conceived. However, this sound-bite based, PC, half-truth environment that our leaders, celebrities, unions and special interest groups have fostered is a fallacy and a farce. It is mocking those that gave their lives for this country, insulting the citizenry and ripping this country apart. I question government's intent on all levels and doubt its' competency with all enterprises. I believe small government is good government, I just can't decide whether it should be small or infinitesimal. Drop a line at

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  2. Kukye
    Kukye at | | Reply

    It is amazing what thoughts we can bring about when we meander with our minds.

  3. Incriminally Sane
    Incriminally Sane at | | Reply

    LG, you are as blind as they come. just remember one thing. YOU are not exceptional to their killing and when they trigger the EMP over America, you will also die along with everyone else

  4. Gassy
    Gassy at | | Reply

    I actually saw people protesting this on the street corner at a busy intersection near my house the other day. People are finally waking up.

  5. LG
    LG at | | Reply

    A Chemtrail is just a Contrail that has been formed in a layer of air that is cold enough to make ice crystals. Enough of this Chemtrail garbage already……

  6. maryaha
    maryaha at | | Reply

    Just yesterday, I stumbled upon a website about Morgellons Disease. I was not prepared for what I saw……….dear God, what has been brought upon us? Is Morgellons Disease one of the effects of chemtrails?

  7. usmcmailman
    usmcmailman at | | Reply

    As usual…….No one will do CRAP ! Time for “Dancing with the Sheep: !

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