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  • WesSeid

    Ron Paul had seemingly the entire youth vote behind him for the 2012 election, rallies with 5000+ people at them that the media ignored, and the RNC and GOP blatantly broke their own rules to make sure he wasn’t nominated. See “How the GOP Stole the Nomination” for details.

    • Chris Bacavis

      No doubt about it. I was elected as a local and state delegate myself in Colorado; witnessing firsthand that pattern of constant disenfranchisement was extremely disheartening. By last April, Dr. Paul had already won a plurality of delegates in at least 5 states once their State Assemblies were over: Minnesota, Iowa, Maine, Nevada, Missouri, etc. As supporters, we knew that only 5 states were ever required for him to have his place on the ballot at the RNC. Insider politics, of course, ensured a pretty swift end to that looming risk.