Governments do not Create Marriages

Marriages are created by people. Marriage licenses are a bureaucratic tool to hinder people from exercising free choice.

We are living in strange times indeed when the litigious left has begun clamoring for “meaningless pieces of paper.” I am old enough to remember when that was the mantra from professors to hippies. Something happened on the way to the alter, and it might have something to do with 1138 federal privileges that are available to heterosexual marriage license holders. Suddenly the marriage license has stopped being a “meaningless piece of paper” and it is now the only thing standing in the way of “marriage equality.”

One might be persuaded by this line of reasoning if one blindly accepts the following falsehoods that the arguers use:

  • Marriage has always been defined as two people
  • The marriage license is a right
  • Gays are being persecuted for their lifestyle (by being refused licenses)

The first one is patently ridiculous and the well educated set of people using that reasoning know better. They are lying to you if they claim to be unaware of Greek, Roman, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian societies that had fully acceptable marriages between more than two people. Some included homosexual marriage.

As for the second, rights are not licensed. It stopped being a right in the Americas when the all-Puritan-all-the-time Massachusetts  Bay Colony government created the marriage license in 1639.  It will never be a right again until marriage licenses are ended.

If by persecuted they mean paying the same taxes on inheritance as an unlicensed couple living together (the issue at hand in the current Supreme Court DOMA case), then they are right. If we are talking about people being jailed and their property seized by State and federal agents, then we are talking about people in Christian polygamous marriages, none of them gay polygamous marriages either.

There are now eight States and the District of Columbia where same sex couples (not closely related) can get a government issued fidelity permission slip, and even without it no cops are busting down the doors of homosexuals living in pairs or in groups.  When do the “marriage equality” preachers ever mention the people who are being persecuted for their lifestyles?

If you want marriage equality, then stop licensing it!

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