It Is Time For Americans To Take Control Of Gun Control

The gun control battle continues. New York has passed laws violating the Second Amendment. So has Maryland and Connecticut. In Colorado, legislators attempting to force sheriffs to publicly support rigid gun control, have been accused of extortion. Meanwhile, Democrats in the state of Washington were caught violating the Fourth Amendment as they were trying to violate the Second Amendment.

Measures for gun control through economic insolvency are being explored. Required yearly insurance for weapon ownership has been proposed. Fees have been increased. Obscene taxes on gun and ammo purchases have also been floated. Maryland, for example, has proposed fingerprinting gun purchasers as though they were common criminals and slapping ammo sales with a 50% sales tax.

In mid-February we ran a post regarding gun manufacturers that have stopped selling their products to New York law authorities. The premise is simple: if it can’t be sold to a citizen, then it won’t be sold to state or local police agencies either.

At the time, the list included 6 gun makers. The list has grown to 136 over the last month.

However, it is not enough. Three big boys–Glock, Smith-Wesson, and Sig Sauer–have yet to choose a side. It appears these companies think they can sit on the fence and sell to both the public and to the Constitution-shredding authorities. It is time they commit to one side or the other.

It is also time the American people started throwing their weight around.

And it will be easy and effective.

All crusaders that wish to restore America must get involved. All it requires is for you to copy and paste an email. Simply copy and paste the following letter into an email (or write your own, if you prefer) and send it to the three manufacturers. Better yet, hit each of them a couple of times. The idea is that if we rough them up, they will help us rough up politicians.

A copy and paste list of emails addresses for each company is provided after the letter.

. . . . . .

Suggested Subject Line: Reasoning for the Boycott of Your Products

Dear Sir/Madam:

Does your company support the Constitution? And more specifically, does your company support the Second Amendment of the Constitution?

I ask because I recently reviewed a list that included 136 gun manufacturers that have decided to stop selling to New York state authorities because they have violated the Second Amendment of the Constitution with recent gun control laws (link to list). But I but did not see your company listed.

Please make note that in 2010, the US Department of Labor reported there were approximately 794,300 police and detectives across the country and projected job growth for law enforcement at 7% per year (link to report).

Yet the FBI reports in December 2012 a total of 2,783,765 NCIS checks were made (link to report). In fact, wasn’t the total of 19,592,303 checks conducted during the calendar year of 2012 a record? Perhaps your research department can confirm that.

Regardless, the December 2012 number was followed by 2,495,440 more checks in January 2013 and 2,309,393 more in February 2013. That is 7,588,598 NCIS checks in just three months. Obviously, the vast majority of these checks result in a sale. Please have your bean counters deduct what percentage they will for “rejected” NCIS checks and add what they feel reasonable for successful checks that generated a “multi-gun” sale. And let’s not forget accessories.

After adjustments, I think it is clear that the American citizen generates significant financial activity for your company. Yet your company has not declared that it will not do business with New York state authorities.

Is your company anti-American? Is it secretly opposed to the Second Amendment? Or is the current company policy to sit on the fence and try to make a killing by selling to both the public and to the authorities during this frenzied environment?

I ask these questions because I have not seen nor heard of any action from your company supporting the rights granted citizens under the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, the silence is deafening. I must assume your company does not care about my Second Amendment rights, but rather, just the opportunity to make sales to me and my countrymen while at the same time you continue to sell to state agencies whose leaders try to strip the people of their rights.

Therefore, I am left with no choice but to boycott all your products until I see that your company demonstrates it supports the American people and not tyrannical legislators that are attempting to destroy the Second Amendment of the the Constitution. Additionally, I will take every opportunity to inform my family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and others in my spheres of influence that I am boycotting your products because your company stands against the American people and on the side of tyrannical government. Obviously, I will encourage all of them to take similar action.

After all, your company is not the only gun maker.


A Supporter of the Second Amendment and the Constitution

. . . . . .

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