I Won’t Bail You Out if You Won’t Bail Me Out!

Isn’t it true that advocates of free market capitalism support allowing corporations to do whatever the hell they want?

Not exactly.

First of all, a free market would involve completely eliminating government subsidies and benefits for private companies¬†– clearly, that’s the total opposite of what the Bush and Obama wings of big government have put into practice over the last two centuries in America. Just think of all the bailouts for failing auto manufacturers, perks for the health insurance industry, subsidies for oil companies, and so forth, ad infinitum.

Government-funded monopolies always promote corporate corruption and waste. This can never last with private industries that are unaided by government. If an entrepreneur chooses to engage in corruption and inefficiency in a free market, the market will ensure that his or her business dies out. That’s the exact opposite of the type of environment we’ve seen especially over the last century. Under a true free market, if a company “rapes” consumers, they’ll be held to account because the consumer can ensure their demise. And they’ll especially fail because decrepit old Uncle Sam won’t be there to help them out of it!¬†Forget government sovereignty; a free market is the ultimate in consumer sovereignty.

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