The Hidden Boston Bombing Operation

The Boston bombing wasn’t a terror attack—it was a government operation.

One of the objectives was a psychological attack. Those in charge, the filthy inbreds and their political puppets, sent a message to the liberty movement that they are still in complete control and can do as they please.

This is why the bombings occurred on “Patriot’s Day” and “tax day”. The idea was to spill innocent blood on Patriot’s Day to forever tarnish the celebration while tax day obviously symbolizes the “slave-wage” control system—basically it was a “f*!* you!” to the liberty movement.

Another objective, one that probably carries more meaning to most of us, was tactical in nature. It was a “government readiness” exercise.

Remember, bridges were closed, a “no fly zone” was implemented, 15 blocks of the city were sealed off, people were ordered to stay off the streets. Ultimately, it was training operation—a test run for the implementation of martial law.


Watch the video. Count the men. Notice the weapons, tactical gear and intimidation. Listen to the barking of orders.

Look closely at the pictures, notice the emotions.

This is what really happened in Boston last week.

Ask yourself, is all this actually necessary? Is this a government really in search of suspects or a government that is conducting tactical house-clearing and city lock-down training?

And if you don’t get active, this may happen in your city soon.