Licensing is Anti-Liberty

If you thought licensing had something to do with your safety, you have been deceived.  From the nail technician license, to the law license, and all of the rest, the effect is government control of a market or government control of you.

The classic example is the driver’s license.  That license has not one whit of public safety impact at all.

Which is harder to drive, a team of horses or a car?  The horses, of course, which do not require a license to operate.  Via WikiPedia, the driver’s license began with an issue that is no longer a problem:

The first license to drive a motor vehicle was issued to the inventor of the modern automobile, Karl Benz, in 1888. Because the noise and smell of hisMotorwagen resulted in complaints by the citizens of Mannheim, Benz requested and received written permission by the Grand Ducal authorities to operate his car on public roads.[1]

Eventually licensing spread to the USA, with New York instituting licenses for professional (for-hire) drivers, then New Jersey began licensing all motor vehicle drivers in 1913.

Legions of people are issued driver’s licenses who do not follow the rules of the road.  You can witness this on any freeway, any day, when you notice the slow-pokes in the left lanes driving 15 MPH slower than the rest of traffic.

I am licensed in Tennessee and the last time I was tested in any manner for renewal was in 1992, when I upgraded my license to a for-hire status.  Even when I renewed my license after a suspension (I earned every speeding point for that suspension, I might add) I was not even asked to take any test or demonstrate any proficiency.  All I had to do was pay an insurance company a little more money for higher-risk insurance and present the proof to the driving “examiner.”

Even though the technology has existed for quite some time, there is no device in any American car that senses if the driver has a valid license.  Nothing is stopping anybody from operating any vehicle on a public roadway without a valid license.  Shawn Nelson proved this in California in May of 1995 when he took an M60A3 tank for a spin in San Diego.

If government wants you to believe that they are keeping you safe, maybe they could start by proving it with their own gear?*

*Note: All US Army aircraft do now require a key to start, after this 1974 incident at the White House