No, Jesus Doesn’t “Support” Your Token Legislation

There’s that old tendency on the part of some leftists to misuse the ministry of Jesus Christ for political advantage. That’s where something like this emerges:

Jesus and ObamaCare

A couple of initial responses. First, it’s obvious even from a cursory reading of the New Testament that Jesus’ “healthcare” only consisted of supernatural healing. I wouldn’t count on the State being able to duplicate it. Secondly, it’s pretty clear that Jesus didn’t even heal most people he encountered. In fact, he specifically sought out particular individuals on whom he would decide to bestow a unique, gracious act of healing. So, what is this even arguing? Should faith in the healing power of the State be a prerequisite to receive treatment from a modern healthcare provider?

All of that aside… the ultimate problem with a meme like this is that it assumes universal health care coverage is the same thing as mandated purchasing of health insurance – it isn’t. Besides, even so-called “free” healthcare could only be paid for through increased taxation or excessive borrowing. I’d love to see scriptural support for any of those schemes.

Oh, there’s this: “Thou shalt not steal … unless approved by a majority in the Senate and signed into law.”

Yeah, right.