Voting against your own interests? Nonesense! (part 3)

So far I’ve provided a few (hopefully persuasive) reasons why accusing someone of “voting against their own interests” is a bogus charge. In a nutshell reason number one is that such an argument is based on a naive belief that if a politician claims to be in favor of X, naturally that means he will bring about X.

The second point, in brief, is that even if X does come about, it comes with a price the voter hadn’t necessary anticipated. But the final argument is more personal.

Let’s begin with the understanding that all government action comes at a cost. That cost is sometimes about money, and sometimes about freedom. Very often it’s about both.

So if Connie is choosing between free schools for her child or more educational options or between higher taxes and fewer cops on the street or between free health coverage or lower doctor bills the choice is hers, not Libby’s.

And not yours or mine either.

However sincere your concern may be, telling fellow voters that they are making the wrong decision not only stinks of condescension, but it undermines the idea of individual choice that democracy was designed to create in the first place.

Now if only there was better way than democracy to allow citizens to pursue their individual desires. Well, It turns out there is. I’ll get to that on Monday…toonVoting