Cyrus Cash Grab Is Blueprint For U.S. Banks

First it was Cyprus. Then the IRBC in Ireland. Who will be next?

Italy? Spain? France? Britain? The United States?

That is the million dollar question. But rest assured, America is a domino in the line, its position unknown to the peasants.

In fact, during a radio interview last Saturday, David Morgan, an independent precious-metals analyst with, stated the Federal Reserve governor, Jeremy Steins, said the U.S. will do as Cyprus did and it will take depositors money if—or much more likely when—it is needed.

Because pending losses are so large, Morgan concludes that “Cyprus is in fact the blueprint in the United States for coming financial failures…”

Citing comments made after a speech given by Sinclair, metal-man Morgan states Sinclair made it clear the posture of The Fed is that if U.S. banking institutions are jeopardized then private investors will absorb the losses even if those losses lead to more costs to society than desired.

If you read between the lines, the message is clear: major banks are going down and when they do, deposits will be grabbed, to hell with what that means for society and the peasants.

You should be aware that the government has already put the pieces in place. Banks do not have to honor your withdrawal requests and money on deposit, contrary to many sheeple’s understanding, is bank property, not the depositor’s cash.

It also came to light recently that DHS has the been given authority to raid safe deposit boxes at will. And don’t fool yourself thinking your money is insured. The FDIC cannot possibly cover all the losses that will be absorbed—not even close.

Gold and silver are being grabbed at a ferocious pace. Any other reports are intentional deception to keep you ignorant.

Don’t get burned. Money will soon be worthless.

Develop a strategy to avoid getting smoked by the banksters. Perhaps you can keep the minimum amount of money in your bank account to exist monthly, drain any excess and buy physical gold or silver, food, ammo and other supplies. Talk with your significant other, accountant or financial adviser and develop a plan.

Do something.