Government Sovereignty Destroys Consumer Sovereignty

One aspect of capitalism is that it’s about the sovereignty of the consumer. With that understanding, we can plainly see that any businesses that advance themselves through (1) subsidy handouts and/or (2) land-grabbing, eminent domain deals are reliant on nothing more and nothing less than the government. They¬†aren’t¬†reliant on a free-market. These are tricks of the trade (in cronyism), whereby one corporation can get ahead of others by artificially manipulating the market system.

On the other hand, in a free-market, sellers are obliged to continually compete and lower prices in order to gain and maintain buyers. The basic economic principle at work when consumers buy something is that they see themselves as receiving something of greater value than the money they have to give up.

Corporations lobby for welfare through the local or federal government; the government lavishes them with innumerable blessings. And the general public still considers that to be “free market capitalism”?

It’s not free-market capitalism. It’s unfair advantage. It’s theft.

Photo: Harpreet Padam

Photo: Harpreet Padam