Newspeak Gone Batty: Libertarian Socialists

Newspeak DictionaryOf the many victories than Leftists have had over the decades, perhaps the destruction of the English language is their greatest accomplishment.

From the WikiPedia entry for Libertarian Socialism, I found this description:

Libertarian socialists believe in converting present-day private productive property into common or public goods, while retaining respect for personal property.[5]

Right there we can dismiss this nonsense without much worry.  How does one retain “respect for personal property” while at the same time convert private property into collective property?  You can’t.  However, you can say it all day while you collectivize everything under the sun.

For some reason, Abbie Hoffman is currently listed as part of the WikiPedia series on Libertarian Socialism, which also includes a list of decidedly non-libertarian socialists, such as Noam Chomsky and Leo Tolstoy.

This doublespeak is not new, and it is not going away either.  In my research on the Weathermen terrorist organization, I find people still calling that gang “anti-war.”  There was nothing anti-war about them and their motto was “Bring the War Home.”  They declared war against the citizens of America on May 21, 1970 and continued their war for over a decade.

It is an amazing language we had.  Too bad we couldn’t keep it.

Steve is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Finance.  He is a 30 year veteran Aviation Officer of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve, and former Defense Contractor in Resource Management.  He has always had a libertarian streak, no matter which major Party flag he flew. Today he is a Minarchist leaning to Anarcho-Capitalism. He and his wife reside in a secret, undisclosed, subterranean lair with the clan motto of “Leave us alone and nobody gets hurt.” The Anarchist’s Soufflé  Book is Steve’s current work in progress, along with Time Bomber: The Forgotten Yippie, coming soon any year now.  Steve has been published by the Reason Foundation, and the Foundation for Economic Education.  Follow Steve @AustrianAnarchy and view his Austrian Anarchy blog.