Rep. Charlie Rangel Promoting Slavery Again

Charlie Rangel Plays His Role as Slavemaster

Charlie Rangel Plays His Role as Slavemaster

So, here is the deal.  Good old Charles Rangel, representing a piece of New York City, is continuing his slavery campaign.  He started this involuntary servitude campaign in 2003.

In 2011, he stood for a chat with John Stossel on the Fox Business channel.  The video at the link is over seven minutes long, and there is no chance that he is being misrepresented.  He stands firmly on the ground that Americans should be forced to work against their will for the government.

In February, 2013 he introduced another slavery bill.  This time he wants the slavery to be more ‘fair’ by including women.

One only hopes that good ol’ Charlie stays in the public eye at least another decade, when he can propose a federal slavery bill for children too.  You know, for fairness.

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