Why Libertarian?

I am a libertarian because it is the only political philosophy that makes sense to me.

Libertarianism is the best alternative to the standard left/right/liberal/conservative/Democrat/Republican paradigm.

Libertarians advocate for freedom of the individual and for true limited government. That is, they are proponents of liberty and against government intrusion into our daily lives. So the question stands to ask, why isn’t everyone a libertarian? What could be wrong with liberty and limited government?

On the other hand…..

Liberals believe that our taxes should be used to help the poor and needy but it isn’t the government’s business who I choose to give aid to. They have no business being in the charity business. And we have FDR to think for that.

Conservatives believe that our taxes should be used to send military aid to our “allies” and further the cause of democracy but these so-called constitutionalists are nothing of the sort. Our Constitution does not say anywhere that one of the responsibilities of the government is to provide monetary aid to foreign countries.

The government, by its very presence, presents a threat to the economic and social liberties of the people of the United States. They implement and enforce laws against victimless crimes. They are inept at almost every function they perform. They can’t deliver the mail effectively. They can’t keep our cities safe from real criminals. They can’t keep our borders secure. They can’t educate our children properly.

The government wants to legislate morality on the American people. The conservatives/Republicans attempt to legislate morality when they want to keep you from marrying somebody simply because they are the same gender as you are. They want to legislate morality when they want to keep you from engaging in activities that harm nobody. They want to ensure the “security” of the country by effectively spying on its citizens. The liberals/Democrats want to legislate morality when they want to take your guns and your natural right to protect yourself away from you. They want to legislate morality when they force, that’s right force, you to contribute to social welfare programs that do nothing to end poverty and hunger.

The conservatives/Republicans claim to be advocates for limited government but intrude in our daily lives by telling us what we can and can’t do with our bodies. They shout from the rooftops that our government is too big but do nothing to make it smaller and in most cases, propose ways to make it even bigger.

The libertarians, however, are more consistent with their ideology and actions.

Libertarianism focuses on individual rights and personal responsibility. Who could argue with those principles?

John Locke once said that the only legitimate form of government is one that is committed to upholding the right to life, liberty and property. The conservatives do not, no matter what they claim, uphold the right to liberty. The liberals do not uphold the right to life or property.

This is why I am a libertarian.

Editor’s Disclaimer: I am a libertarian in principle. Because I live in Oklahoma, however, I am not allowed to register as a Libertarian. I am registered to vote as a Republican. I have chosen, for now, to be loosely affiliated with the Republican Party so that I can have a voice in politics here in Oklahoma and to try and further the cause of liberty and true limited government within the system. Truth be told, I am probably a thorn in the establishment’s side, much like many of my fellow Republican-libertarians. I reject, however, the GOP’s concept of social conservatism on principle alone. I further reject the GOP concept of security over liberty. I also rebuke the GOP philosophy of spreading democracy through force around the world.