Crap My Friends Post on Facebook

Oh my word, where to start with this nonsense.  How about with how I responded to it when I shared it?

Yea right! Why stop there? Why not raise it to $50/hr. and make them all middle income? ROFLMAO

The point being, if you create an artificial floor for the price of labor, you end up throwing a lot of people out of work if that floor is higher than what their labor is worth.  When the $50 figure is thrown out there, the minimum wage proponents say it is unreasonable.  I wonder how can that be any more unreasonable than any other amount that was not derived by voluntary agreement.

For a different example, rather than selling your own labor say you are selling your own car.  It is a 1975 four-door Dodge Dart with peeling silver metallic paint, lots of rust, no air conditioning, etc.  You are willing to take any offer, however the government began a program to assist people in need who are selling cars.  The minimum price anybody may purchase a used cars for is $2,000.  How many takers do you think there will be at that price?you stick an artificial floor on wages you end up tossing a bunch of people out of work, because their labor just is not worth what the government says you must pay them.

For a different take, check out this short video by The Foundation for Economic Education, a place that has published a couple of my articles.

The Truth About Minimum Wage

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