On Propaganda And American Independence

Many of you may know the United States government is actually a corporation. If you didn’t know, you can look it up on Dunn and Bradstreet here.

I confess, when I learned this, I was shocked. But it is true.

US Inc. has also declared bankruptcy. Multiple times. Research it yourself. To get you started, here’s a speech by former Ohio Rep. James Traficant Jr. that discusses this matter.

Now there are many more layers to this like the fact that our “national debt” isn’t the people’s debt. It is the company that is borrowing the money, so obviously, it is the company that owes the money. But using propaganda, adhesion contracts and lies, our so-called representatives fool the American people into paying the bills on behalf of US Inc. Indeed, even calling the repubo-rats in Washington “our representatives” is inaccurate because they are really “employees” of US Inc.

Did you know the Federal Reserve is not part of our federal government—oops, part of US Inc.? It is just a company and it is no more federal than Federal Express.

Did you know HIV was man-made? How about that Hitler died in Paraguay in 1968, not in a bunker near the end of WWII?

Did you know our money is not backed by gold? Or that the Treasury Department is part of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and that the IMF is owned by foreigners? Did you know that most of us don’t really have to pay income taxes? Did you know that you are defined, by statute, as an enemy of the state?

These realities may be unsettling to many of you. That’s okay, if you want you can roll over and go back to sleep. Of course, I would prefer, as would many others, that you stand tall, deal with it and help spread the word. But ultimately, slumber is an option available to you.

Now our government, sorry, US Inc. obviously puts much effort into hiding these facts and discrediting, jailing or killing truth-tellers—after Traficant told the truth, his life was destroyed by the powers-that-be in hopes they could limit the damage—but rest assured, all this and much more is true. Perhaps we’ll explore some of these things in the future.

But the point here is that this is the way this vast web of lies and deceit works. Almost from birth you are presented with myths and lies slanted to make you think up is down and down is up.

Here’s a choice nugget to help drive the point home.

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false. — William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

Just a quick FYI—William Casey helped bring thousands of Nazi’s into America after WWII.

Your mind has, literally, been “programmed” by propaganda. One can make a solid argument that except for mathematics and some basic science, virtually all of what you think you know is a half-truth or an outright falsehood.

Take for instance the Treaty of 1783.

This treaty (commonly called the Paris Peace Treaty) was the agreement we signed with Britain after we kicked their ass in the War for Independence. It was signed two years after the war ended. This delay, of course, allowed both sides plenty of time to consider terms and develop strategies for negotiations.

But if you actually read the treaty, it almost seems like the defeated King of England is setting the terms. A very simple example is Section 8 that reads “The navigation of the river Mississippi, from its source to the ocean, shall forever remain free and open to the subjects of Great Britain and the citizens of the United States.”

Why are “subjects of Great Britain” listed before “citizens of the United States”? And why would Americans agree to have navigation free and open to the subjects of Great Britain “forever”. That is a small word with big implications. It sort of implies the Brits plan on using the river regularly—for a long time to come, yes?

You would expect, if America won, that the statement might read more like “from source to ocean, the Mississippi river now belongs to America and we may let you stuffy Brits use it—maybe.”

Wasn’t it Winston Churchill, a stuffy Brit, that said “history is written by the victors”?

Read the TREATY yourself. The tone is as if the King is telling us how it is. It seems like a defeated King dictates term after term including the use of lands and waterways, the preservation or restoration of liens on property and the way debt is to be repaid.

So, if the times were so good, why is the treaty so bad? In other words, if America won, why would British liens on land and property be restored? Why didn’t the American negotiators just reject them outright or at least settle them for terms more favorable to their victorious countrymen like for pennies on the dollar—or would that be shillings on the pound?

And since we brought up the American negotiators—Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and John Jay—when you reviewed the treaty, did you happen to notice the “Esq.” after their names?

Now, no doubt, these were good lads—just ask the history books. Of course, thanks to wonderful Winston, you now know who writes those. But the Esq. stands for “Esquire”.

The title Esquire is an office of trust under the crown, it is a title of dignity ranked above Gentleman and below Knight. The use of Esquire attached to their names declared their subjection and loyalty to the crown.

Now you know why the treaty reads like it does. These blokes were bloody Brits. The treaty was actually negotiated on one side by representatives of the King and on the other side by—representatives of the King.

“Nonsense,” you say. “I was taught that Ben Franklin was a great and flawless American patriot.” (Continued)