Left Admits People Hate Obama Because He Is Terrible, Not Black

Of course, WE KNEW THIS from Day One, but everyone immediately jumps to the conclusion that it was all race. Obama is the same as all of them – Bush, Edwards, Kerry, Carter, Clinton, et al. The race issue just clouds everything up – pretty much everyone on all sides now can freely admit that Obama is a terrible president, who has only succeeded in stealing both our freedoms and our tax dollars, with absolutely nothing positive to show for it. He is just like all the others – a big government, crony capitalist, with no other desire other than to fleece us as much as possible, and turn us into complacent sheep, taking anything and everything the state can throw at us, and just shouldering the burden without talking back.

Regular readers of the bunker have probably wondered – what happened here? Where’s Chris and the rest of the great writers that I used to hear from? Well, you may have noticed that after the re-election of Obama, there was a silence. A deafening silence. It told me that the reality is that no matter what happens, nothing changes. It was a stone cold sobering truth for me.

So I figured, what is the point. What is the point of politics, period? Why get involved in this when it amounts to basically nothing? Every politician, every talking head, is making a ton of money off of people who are passionate about change in this country, but none of them really care if there is no change. Like a lawyer, they STILL GET PAID, whether Obama or Bush or whoever is in power. If they win or lose, they still make money off of us – they get us OUTRAGED, then they profit from the outrage.

But do they actually do anything about it? Are they any more effective against tyranny than the leftists are against AIDS when they wear their little ribbons at the Academy Awards? No. Left or right wing, the MSM, big government, big business, like things exactly the way they are.

No folks. No one is to be trusted. Only the people can be trusted. And only those who want to promote real change – not just “raise awareness”. This is one of the reasons why I’ve been quiet of late – I’m tired of raising awareness. Everyone is aware that things suck. Everyone is aware that this country is going downhill fast. Everyone is aware of who is behind it. But no one seems to be able to do anything about it. We are powerless and helpless, against forces we cannot control.

So can we change things? I don’t know. I’ve always thought that America, once having made a mistake in direction, would correct itself, and become a better place. Now I have no faith that that will happen. In fact, in a few short years, America will be in the same boat as Europe, while more true capitalism flourishes elsewhere.

So what do we do? Right now, I can’t think of any way we can unlock the power of people other than by technology in some way. The internet has toppled tyranny in the past, maybe we can do so again.

We’ve been told over and over that opposing President Obama’s socialist anti-American agenda is due to deep-seated racism and not any conservative values one might hold. Now, the National Public Radio (NPR), of all media outlets, has posted a piece on their blog saying that there might be something more to disliking Obama than just racism. I know, I’m shocked too.

This refreshing revelation from a decidedly left-leaning news source starts out with a great premise:

There’s no question we’re living in a time of divisive politics, when roughly half the country is likely to hate the president, no matter whom he or she might be.

via NPR Admits Opposition To Obama May Not Be Due To Racism But Because He’s Terrible – Downtrend.com.