How to Scar a Child For Life in 3 Simple Steps

** WARNING: What you’re about to learn has the potential to change how you treat your kids or grandkids…

Change how you act around strangers…

And change how you see, think about — and even make — money…

As promised yesterday, I’m going to show you two more powerful social experiments.

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Both of the following experiments took place in Baltimore. The first one is pretty ugly and shows you how irrational fears are formed — and how evil maniacs form them in children.

It’s called How to Scar a Child For Life in 3 Simple Steps.

The second is more optimistic.

But be warned, it might fly in the face of everything you’ve learned about making money. Moreover, it may reveal an irrational fear you might have about investing.

I warn you now because most people react negatively to their beliefs being challenged.

But if you stick with it, it’ll show you exactly how to overcome this irrational fear — and start making money the simple, safe and steady way.

This one’s called How Even the Financially Illiterate Make More Money in 3 Minutes than Most Americans Do in an Entire Day.

OK. Here’s our first experiment of the day.

Read (and then watch) on…

How to Scar a Child For Life in 3 Simple Step

The “Little Albert Experiment” is one of the most unethical psychological studies of all time.

It was conducted, we deign to admit, only a mile-and-a-half from our Baltimore HQ at Johns Hopkins University.

Here’s what happened…

John B. Watson, a behaviorist at JHU, thought he’d take Ivan Pavlov’s dog experiment a quantum leap further. Albeit, in the wrong direction.

Watson and his lab partner Rosalie Rayner chose, as their ill-fated subject, the son of a Johns Hopkins Hospital nurse: a nine-month-old named Albert (not actually his real name. But we’ll get to that).

** First, Watson placed the boy on a mattress on a table. Then he put a white rat next to him.

Albert, a naturally curious infant, reached out to play with the rat. This part of the experiment was done to discern whether or not Albert had a natural fear to white rats. He clearly didn’t.

Later, Watson placed the rat in front of Albert again and waited for him to reach for it.

The moment Albert touched the rat this time, Watson took a hammer and walloped a steel bar hanging right behind Albert’s head. The result was, of course, a diabolical racket which scared the bejeesus out of Albert.

Once they calmed Albert down, Watson repeated the process. Over and over. Watson placed the rat down. Albert reached for it. Watson beat the steel rod. Albert wailed.

Later, just as Watson had hoped, they only needed to place the rat down to get Albert to scream in fear and crawl away. Success! Albert had associated the rat with the petrifying noise and had become terrified of both.

Just as Pavlov conditioned the dog to salivate, it‘s possible, Watson found, to condition a child to feel fear.

What a revelation.

Putting the child abuse aside for a moment, there’s something interesting about this experiment…

After successfully conditioning Albert to be afraid of the rat, Watson showed Albert other furry objects; a rabbit, a furry dog, a seal-skin coat, and a Santa Claus mask with a fuzzy beard.

Though Albert was fine around these objects before his conditioning, he now screamed at them just as loud as he did with the rat.

Watson had inadvertently conditioned little Albert to have an irrational fear of fuzzy things.

** In the end, the mother received a dollar for her son’s participation (whose real name, by the way, was Douglas Merritte).

Watson, apparently interested only in inflicting psychological damage, did nothing to reverse the conditioning. Soon after, and rightly so, the sadist was dismissed from the University. Unfortunately, it wasn’t because of what he did to Albert (I mean, Douglas).

Rather, it was discovered by his superiors that Watson was having an affair with his lab partner, Ms. Rayner.

Little Douglas, sad to say, ended up dying at the age of six after contracting hydrocephalus — a condition in which the brain accumulates an abnormal amount of cerebrospinal fluid.

Though there’s no connection to Albert’s condition and this experiment, the experiment was still a FAIL. On so many levels.

Child4“Hmm… he seems to be afraid. Very curious.”

** TAKEAWAY: Fear is a tool of destruction. And should not be used to reach constructive ends.

Allow me to explain…

There’s another study called “The Monster Study” that proves positive reinforcement to be much more effective than negative reinforcement.

Also a very dubious study, the researchers scolded orphans until they believed they were developing speech impediments. Many of them became so afraid they stopped speaking altogether. And, for some, the fear lasted for the rest of their lives.

In fact, many years after the study, one of the researchers received a letter from a “participant.” It read: “I remember your face, how kind you were and you looked like my mother. But you were ther [sic] to destroy my life.”

On the other hand, the researchers praised kids with speech impediments on their fluency. And the kids improved.

Point? Fear, in most cases, is destructive. Using positive reinforcement is far more effective — and doesn’t scar children for life.

** To prove it, in a moment, you’re going to watch another social experiment.

In the following video, among other things, you’re going to see…

Why… sometimes, contrary to popular thought, it pays to talk to strangers.

How… positive reinforcement can be used to make complete strangers do things they wouldn’t normally do. And enrich their lives in the process…

Why… it doesn’t take a financial mastermind, a corrupt Wall Streeter or a quant to make fast money in the markets.

And how… the BIGGEST reason most people miss out on huge opportunities — and lose money — in the markets is caused by irrational fears.

Even more, you’ll discover how, even in today’s crazy market (actually, especially in this crazy market), where fear is rising…

** As you’ll see, there is, in fact, a way to make safe, simple and steady income.

But most people don’t do it because a) they don’t know what to do and/or b) they fear what they don’t understand.

But this doesn’t have to be you.

Without further ado…

How Even the Financially Illiterate Make More Money in 3 Minutes than Most Americans Do in an Entire Day


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