The innocence of Islam

I might have been distracted by the outpouring of acclaim for the second president in as many presidencies to visit a Muslim house of worship, but I’m having a hard time seeing how President Barack Obama making a public spectacle of treating Muslims differently will get the rest of us to stop treating Muslims differently. I’m having a hard time rectifying Obama’s demand that we normalize Muslim-Americans with his own tendency to treat them with borderline reverence.

Wednesday, while standing in the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB), Obama managed to turn what should ostensibly be an equal partner in the growth of America into a helpless collection of victims. In an oddly-timed effort to promote the inclusion of Islamic culture, Obama did everything short of blasting the bat signal at them while demanding that we look away.

As a part of an effort to remind us that Muslims are every bit as opposed to Islamofascist terrorism as the rest of us, Obama visited a mosque with known connections to such luminaries as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR is previously best known for their role in funneling money to Islamofasicst terrorists through the infamous Holy Land Foundation front. And what’s more American than laundering charitable donations for guys who think women should be chattel and apostates should be converted or put to the sword?

In order to teach us that Muslims are every bit a part of America as the rest of us, Obama delivered a list of demands on their behalf, all while standing in a mosque affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America, identified by Federal authorities as a front for Islamofascist terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood. Because nothing says “melting pot” like suicide bombings, “honor killings,” and throwing gays off the roof.

Obama even singled out an unlikely villain in America’s march to Islamophobia. “Our television shows should have some Muslim characters that are unrelated to national security.” In order to prove that Americans aren’t targeting Muslims for bigotry, Hollywood needs to develop more roles for Muslims which don’t involve being Muslim, or something to that effect.

Obviously, a reboot of “Designing Women” is out, since much of the Islamic world treats women like third-class citizens. They certainly do at the ISB. Men get first-class prayer rooms, access to the Imam and even plush prayer rugs, while women get cinder-block walls, rickety balconies and a chance to watch the Imam on closed-circuit television. Perhaps Obama hopes we’ll all look past the medieval misogyny taught in places like the ISB if one of the networks airs a few seasons of the “Wacky Adventures of the Prophet We Can’t Portray on Television or His Acolytes Will Seriously Kill the Crap Out of Us.”

With the fires of Islamofascist terrorism raging across the Mideast, and the smoke barely cleared from similar conflagrations in cities stretching from Paris to Boston to San Bernardino, Obama, who blamed those incidents on everything except Islam, made a special trip to the ISB to remind us how terrific Muslims can be when they’re not attacking cities stretching from Paris to Boston to San Bernardino, California.

The whole tableau couldn’t have been much weirder if he’d delivered his pro-Islam rant to an audience of Islamofascists in downtown Teheran. I’m sure the Iranians think he’s terrific, now that he’s given their nuclear weapons program a green light and thrown a few billion dollars at them. Maybe the Iranians could use that money to produce a TV show about the wacky adventures of a prophet who treats women like people instead of chattel, thinks gays deserve a better fate than execution and doesn’t want to either subjugate or eliminate the world’s billions of non-Muslims. Of course, if they did, it wouldn’t be shown at the ISB; not that we should notice.

–Ben Crystal

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