Why low-fat diets make us fatter

Why is the mainstream always so far behind the curve?

A new book by Harvard nutrition expert David Ludwig tells us we should stop focusing on low-fat foods and calorie counting if we want to lose weight. Instead, he says we should opt for natural, unprocessed foods that take time to digest and that deliver energy to the bloodstream in a moderate way rather than in a big rush, the way carbohydrates do. And he says that a healthy diet should include healthy fats to boost satiety.

Ludwig’s advice is found in his book, Always Hungry?: Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, and Lose Weight Permanently. He says, “The calorie-balance approach to weight control, enshrined in the low-fat diet, has proven utterly ineffective.”

There’s a reason for that, and Ludwig gets to it. Low-fat processed foods are high in refined carbohydrates. These carbohydrates raise insulin levels and cause our fat cells to hoard calories, slow our metabolism and make us hungrier.

The “fat phobia” in America has created a mind-set in the medical community and in the whole population that borders on insanity.

Bottom line is — don’t eat sugar and refined carbohydrates. This is difficult because the food processors have us all addicted. There just isn’t much left that doesn’t have fructose corn syrup in it. We have to read every label.

Now every time we see an overweight person, we know that there goes a sugar burner for fuel.

High blood sugar levels is a hallmark of aging and disease. The reverse of this is to say that low blood sugar and low insulin is a hallmark of health and longevity.

If we decide that low blood sugar is the basis of longevity and health, then we must be saying that our medical doctors are doctoring symptoms. Physicans should be telling their patients, “I can’t help you until you get your insulin (blood sugar) down and then you won’t need me.” But he or she wouldn’t dare!

If what we are saying here is true, most medical practitioners would have no patients. Instead of prescribing Lipitor® etc., physicians should be trying to get us to lower our blood sugar or insulin via diet. High cholesterol and low insulin don’t go together. They repel.

If modern medicine didn’t have symptoms they wouldn’t have a reason to “practice” medicine. For medicine is primarily symptomology.

What causes high insulin? It is sugar in any form. Oh, you know that. But do you know that any carbohydrate in any form other than fiber is eventually metabolized by the body into sugar? Refined carbohydrates is a basic food in America.

Yes, and the worst carbohydrate offenders are breads, grains, cereals, pastas and starchy vegetables. You can eat these seemingly good foods every day and eventually become a diabetic. When these foods are eaten, insulin levels soar. If sugar is available and the body is given a choice between burning fat and burning sugar, it burns mostly sugar and stores the fat.

What happens to extra sugar that isn’t burned? It gets made into saturated fat, which is resistant to burning. What happens to all that stored extra fat? It produces even more insulin in response to sugar which worsens insulin resistance. This deep fat won’t burn. Deep fat (visceral fat) causes serious health problems.

The fatter we get, any weight loss diet or health concern which does not deal with high insulin will fail. And before there is any benefit, insulin levels must fall.

Horrors! If our body is in a sugar burning mode and we don’t eat, our body will break down the protein in lean tissues, including muscle and bone, into sugar.

The key and the secret is to become a fat burner by eating good fats like fish , fish oil, cod liver oil, olive oil, coconut oil and real, unprocessed butter and chicken. Good fat is good to eat. It will help you burn fat. Fat burns fat if it is good fat.

These good fats will rebalance your omega 6 fatty acids by increasing your omega 3 fatty acids.

See how quickly you will begin to lose those pounds! Feel how quickly your inflammatory joint problems will disappear! See now your lipid profile will correct and you will avoid degenerative disease… and all without drugs.

The body runs best when it can burn fat as fuel. Eating good fat is not what makes us fat. It is the inability to burn fat that makes us fat. And the body won’t burn fat until we eat good fats that switch the body from sugar burning to fat burning.

Overweight people are sugar burners. They need to change their bodies to fat burners.

The food industry reaps the greatest profits from starchy carbohydrates (pasta, bread, cereals), which are the sugar burning foods that cause high insulin. Far less money is required to preserve them than foods high in fat such as meat and fish, which require refrigeration during transport and in grocery stores. Far more money is spent to advertise and promote low-cost starchy foods. And think what it does for the medical establishment!

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