Bernie Sanders Is Clearly Capturing Part of the Ron Paul Student Vote

SandersLast night’s big win for Bernie Sanders was partly fueled by his utter dominance of the under-30 crowd. As I argued in a short piece for CNN, Sanders’ popularity among students is reminiscent of Ron Paul’s successes in 2008 and 2012:

Sanders seems even more wildly popular among young voters than Barack Obama was in 2008.

He's likely capturing some of the non-interventionist, libertarian-leaning college-aged people who last time around would have supported Ron Paul -- another septuagenarian white man with a radical streak and surprising youth cred.

Now that there isn't anyone named Paul in the race (RIP: Rand, who failed to inspire as much devotion as his father), there's no obvious inheritor of the libertarian vote, which is split among several imperfect candidates -- including avowed socialist Sanders.

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