Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, & The Triumph of Independents

You want to know the absolutely most important thing about the results of the New Hampshire primaries?

The winners aren't even real members of the parties for whose nominations they are running.

Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, won his Senate seat as an independent. Sure, he caucuses with the Democrats and many of this policy positions fit easily within the Donkey Party's tent, but it's nothing short of amazing that he's the one giving Hillary Clinton the scare of her lifetime.

Something similar goes for Donald Trump, who has registered as a Democrat in the past, supports universal healthcare, and is nobody’s idea of a rock-ribbed Republican

The wheels are coming off the traditional parties. Not only did these guys win big last night—and come in second in Iowa—they are responsible for record turnouts too. Voters aren’t coming out because a Bush or a Clinton is running for president again.

Every survey shows the same thing: A majority of Americans are frustrated with the electoral choices they’re being offered, and trust and confidence in government and authority are at historic lows. 

As a whole, the nation is socially liberal and fiscally conservative. We want a government that's out of the bedroom and the boardroom, one that spends less and does less. 

And until we get a party—or two!—that speaks to that great and growing group of crypto-libertarians who just want to get on with a life that will mostly be lived beyong politics, you can expect more independent candidates at all levels making life difficult for traditional party types. 

So regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders—and regardless of whether either ever wins another primary—take a moment to thank them for revealing just how little voters care for the Democratic and Republican Parties.

About 90 seconds.

Written by Nick Gillespie and produced by Joshua Swain. Additional camera: Todd Krainin.

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