Data: More gun free zones mean more mass shootings

Analysis of mass shooting data going back to 2002 shows that 2nd Amendment supporters are totally correct in asserting that gun-free zones welcome attacks from cowardly murderers.

The analysis, conducted by the Heritage Foundation based on mass shooting data from Stanford, suggests that places with federal, state, local and private gun-free policies are more than twice as likely to be targeted by mass shooters.

Heritage studied 54 separate random mass shootings— where three or more victims not related to or a criminal adversary of the shooter were injured or killed. Thirty-seven of those incidents (69 percent) occurred in an area where lawful carry of firearms for self-defense was banned.

Mass shootings did occur in places where the 2nd Amendment was upheld 17 times (31 percent)—but five of those tragedies ended when a “good guy with a gun” intervened.


Heritage research expert Patrick Tyrrell concluded: “If you have a choice to be in a gun-free zone or a legal-to-carry setting, you are less likely to be the victim of a mass shooting where it is legal to carry guns. All else being equal, if a killer can strike where he is less likely to face lethal law-abiding resistance from ordinary citizens, he will.”

The data, of course, isn’t news to 2nd Amendment supporters who’ve long recognized the correlation between gun-free zones and mass shootings.

Still, numbers like these can help bolster support for initiatives to do away with unconstitutional gun-free policies and give more Americans the chance to fight back should they ever be unfortunate enough to get sucked in to some cowardly lunatic’s murderous rampage.

H/T: The Daily Signal

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