Clinton leans heavy on the race card

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton wants to draw attention away from her major political problems and energize minority voters by promoting racial tension in the U.S. ahead of the 2016 election.

Clinton used the tactic in South Carolina recently, targeting the Charleston Chronicle’s primarily black readership with an op-ed which claimed that white America is quietly trying to hold black communities back.

“I know for many white Americans, it’s tempting to believe that bigotry is largely behind us and that systemic racism no longer exists,” she wrote.

Clinton goes on to promise that she’s the candidate to ensure that “the violence perpetrated against black families and communities because of the legacies of discrimination and ongoing systemic racism” is addressed.

Clinton promised to address this “systemic racism” by advocating for campaign finance reform and taking on Wall Street. She also promised that her gun control agenda will save black lives in the U.S.

But, Clinton added in her problem, Black voters have to shun the GOP in every election for her plan to work.

She wrote: “Republicans would still be trying to roll back hard-won progress by passing onerous new restrictions that make it harder for black people, poor people, and young people to vote.

“These are not simply effects of economic inequality. They are the result of racism. We need to face that and we need to fix it.”

Clinton has also recently accused Republicans of using “coded racial language” in criticism of President Barack Obama.

Of course, a growing number of African American voters throughout the country are turning their backs on Democratic policies in recent years in hopes that free-market principles can improve conditions in cities ravaged by decades of big government ineptitude.

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