Black Lives Matter told it can’t discriminate against library patrons… blames ‘white supremacy’

Facebook/BLM Nashville

Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists in Nashville are accusing a local public library of having white supremacist policies because librarians informed the group that it cannot ban white people from the library while it meets.

According to reports, BLM issued a notice setting up a meeting at the North Branch Library in North Nashville stating “only black people as well as non-black people of color are allowed to attend.”

The library, being a taxpayer-funded institution, naturally asked the group to take its exclusionary event elsewhere.

“All meetings at our facilities must be open to the general public and news media,” library spokesperson Emily Waltenbaugh said. “We’re a library. We’re taxpayer funded.”

“We have to be open to anyone anytime,” she added.

Sounds sensible enough, right?

Well, the BLM chapter evidently didn’t think so. The group issued a statement announcing that their meeting had been moved to a local church, “Due to white supremacy in our local government…”


The BLM group also suggested that the library deliberately attempted to disenfranchise the group during Black History Month.

The group further explained that its exclusionary policy is aimed at keeping white people from hijacking its conversations.

“In our space, we really don’t have that time to deconstruct the ways in which white people can help our movement. It really is a time dedicated to healing and community building among black people and people of color,” said a member of the Nashville group.

Needless to say, BLM Nashville is receiving significant backlash via social media.

“[I]f any group in America held a meeting and said blacks are not allowed you guys would be screaming bloody murder from the top of your lungs racism, racism, racism they don’t like it cuz were (sic) black it would be a freaking insane situation. So now that the shoes on the other foot you’re receiving virtually little or no resistance. So just keep that in mind,” one commenter pointed out.

Another said: “Am I the only black person here that finds this appalling? Not all whites are your enemies. And not all blacks are your friends.”

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