The Future of Freedom is Encrypted

--Assassination politics… anti-government insurance… and the complete collapse of the financial system/government hierarchy…

It’ll all happen, says Pavol Luptak, within the next seven years.

One of the most fascinating talks we saw last week at Anarchapulco was given by Luptak from the Institute of Cryptoanarchy.

Pavol Luptak

Pavol Luptak, Institute of Cryptoanarchy

During his talk, Luptak revealed 28 predictions about the next seven years that blew our minds. And we’ll show all of them to you right here, in today’s episode.

Before we go there, though, a little background is in order…

--As you saw in last Friday’s episode, blockchain technology has the ability to flatten the hierarchy of any industry it touches.

This is because, in simplest terms, it makes the middleman — who is most often an unproductive, unnecessary leech — obsolete.

Some of the fattest leeches in the game are catching on to this. And are… rightly so… beginning to view the blockchain as an enemy.

“Silicon Valley is coming to eat our lunch,” Jamie Dimon warned Wall Street, talking specifically about cryptocurrency developers. “And that’s fine. That’s called competition, and we’ll be competing.”

In response, Marco Streng, CEO and founder of Genesis Mining, wrote: “The big banks are woefully behind the innovation curve and are only just now beginning to realise it.

“Many have adopted an antagonist response to the disruptors in their industry, but it's already too late. Because what they don't realise is they can't stop innovation. You just can't stop hundreds of millions of consumers who are fed up with an archaic monetary system that is controlled by a handful of wealthy Wall Streeters.

"Be ready to compete against hundreds of thousands of hungry young entrepreneurs ready to solve the problems you've left untouched for decades. As a kind reminder, we've taken out billboards throughout Miami with a message for bankers like Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin is coming to eat your lunch."

Bitcoin will eat your lunch

--But eating Wall Street’s lunch is just one example of what’s possible in a world dominated by “cryptomarkets.”

Cryptomarkets, put simply, are defined as any website which employs heavy encryption to protect all users’ privacy. This protects us from a ton of different potential attacks — most important of all, attacks and snooping from the government.

More importantly, cryptomarkets have the potential to protect and preserve the free market. The beauty of the cryptomarket is that they make government intervention virtually impossible. This, in turn, creates a natural incentive for people to enter the marketplace.

Which brings us back to Pavol Luptak’s talk at Anarchapulco.

“People will switch to crypto-markets not because they respect freedom or privacy,” says Luptak, “but because of price. Everything will be cheaper in cryptomarkets than in the real world (anti-government insurance will reduce this price).

“Decentralized cryptomarkets (like OpenBazaar) — will make impossible for the governments to shut down free markets (like Silk Road).

Also, he says, “Decentralized anonymous insurance against the government. [This will] significantly reduce the price of all products/services, now often more than 50% price of crypto-market products/services is just a “hidden risk” that will be reduced by insurance.

“Cryptomarkets [will] become much more competitive compared to the government’s regulated e-shops even for the non-illegal products and services thanks to this insurance.”

And then, after he told us that, he showed us 28 fascinating predictions.

Read on…

28 Mind Blowing Predictions For the Crypto-anarchist Future

By Pavol Luptak

In The Year 2016…

  • The stable version of OpenBazaar (the concept of decentralized free cryptomarkets) with TOR/P2P will be released
  • The first physical bitcoin based anonymous mail boxes (in Parallel Polis and other places)
  • The prohibition of anonymous transactions (because of “threat of criminals and terrorists”) for legal purposes, the sender and recipient have to always be identified
  • The first open-source implementation of Uber-like taxi sharing service and Airbnb-like sharing service will be released — in Uber/Airbnb regulated countries, people will start to use cryptoanarchistic version of Uber/Airbnb with anonymous cryptocurrencies through TOR/i2p (Check project!)
  • The rise of financial offshore based on cryptocurrencies (thanks to drastic regulation of the traditional (fiat) offshore)

In The Year 2017…

  • CALEA II will be approved (mandatory government backdoors in all crypto solutions offered in the U.S.), similar legislation will be approved in other developed countries
  • Threat of Cyberterrorism will be highly overestimated
  • Anonymous cash will be prohibited in most Western countries — the rise of street racketeers offering different cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptomarkets will go mobile — UX/Usability of cryptomarkets will be significantly improved, most people can afford to visit and use decentralized cryptomarkets without technical knowledge
  • The first proved documented assassination of a politician using the concept of anonymous collaborative murder (Jim Bell’s “Assassination politics”) — politicians will start to fear… being a politician is more risky than ever before.
  • Increased criminalization of cryptomarket’s users

In The Year 2018…

  • Availability of anti-government insurance (in case of cryptomarkets use, drug possession, bypassing surveillance laws, using cash) thanks to decentralized and anonymous insurance companies
  • Providers of TOR exit nodes and OpenBazaar nodes will be cruelly criminalized
  • Massive increase of decentralized Internet solutions (funkfeuer, Serval Mesh, …) that will be out of government control…
  • Many TOR/OpenBazaar nodes will be placed in the air (anonymous still-flying drones) or in still poor countries with old-school legislation

In The Year 2019…

  • Universal sharing economy mobile application allowing anyone to provide his/her services to anyone without government control/taxation will be available
  • This will be fully decentralized solution impossible to shut down by the government (like Bitcoin) with use of anonymous cryptocurrencies
  • First anonymous crowd-sourced drone strikes
  • The government will start to have a difficult times (see Paul Rosenberg’s book — A Lodging of Wayfaring Men)…

In The Year 2020…

  • The governments will radically change the taxation model — no taxation for virtual/Internet services, high taxation for real-world properties and real-world businesses some countries will switch to head-tax
  • Massive people immigration to sea-steading islands/free ancap-based countries

In The Year 2021…

  • The existing financial system will break/collapse
  • The new financial 100% controlled system will be introduced with fear after breakdown of the existing system
  • Seasteading-based free countries will be invaded by the U.S./U.K./Western countries
  • Strong separation of the real world and cryptoanarchistic world (“the second realm”) average people will switch to this world after they see cryptoanarchy works…

In The Year 2022…

  • The current social system will collapse, the rise of virtual states with social/protection benefits
  • Despite the fact virtual states (like Bitnation) are still not legitimized by the countries/governments, they start to be commercially attractive and offer many advantages/citizenship protections replacing the current governments… 

[Ed. note: Pavol Luptak hails, as mentioned, from the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. “The aim of the Institute of Cryptoanarchy.” the organization’s website reads, “is to make available tools for unlimited dissemination of information on the Internet and encouraging a parallel decentralised economy, crypto currencies and other conditions for the development of a free society in the 21st century.” Click here to learn more.]

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