America: Clinton’s biggest accomplishment was her bungled consolation prize

During her tenure as the nation’s top diplomat, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton failed to protect American lives abroad, destabilized the entire Middle East, caused massive damage to U.S.-Russia relations and jeopardized classified information for personal gain. Yet sadly, many Americans say heading the State Department is the only job at which Clinton has ever excelled.

That’s according to analysis out from Rasmussen which shows that, despite her lifelong place in the political spotlight, Americans have a tough job naming any Clinton achievements for the people she claims she’s served.

Via Rasmussen: “In distant second is her role as first lady which 16% rate most important. Twelve percent (12%) see her term as a U.S. senator as most important, while nearly as many (11%) say that of her career as a lawyer. A sizable 23% are undecided.”

People who self-identify as Clinton supporters were highly more likely to rate her work at State as a success, with 67 percent saying Clinton’s biggest accomplishment was achieving the title Madame Secretary.

Trump supporters, meanwhile, strongly disagreed (just 8 percent rated her time at State as a success).

That’s not surprising considering Trump’s characterization of Clinton’s legacy as one of “death, destruction, terrorism and weakness.”

Still, as Clinton is so fond of pointing out, she left the State Department in 2012 with a surprising 65 percent approval rating despite a series of controversies just beginning to boil over at the time. Following increased scrutiny over her mishandling of sensitive government emails, Clinton’s approval numbers had dropped below 50 percent by the time she officially announced her 2016 presidential ambitions.

Ongoing investigations into Clinton’s State Department emails have further revealed her massive failures as the nation’s top diplomat. It’s certainly not a shock that she did poorly, considering it was a job for which she originally declared herself qualified due to her time spent flying around the world as first lady and was given in exchange for cooperation with the Obama campaign.

It is astonishing, however, that after what Americans know about her disastrous time at State and her boss’s disastrous time in the White House, Clinton is currently a serious contender for president.

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