The Clinton Doctrine: See no ISIS, hear no ISIS, speak no ISIS

“For evil to take place,” wrote Romanian philosopher Tzvetan Todorov, “the acts of a few people are not sufficient; the great majority also has to remain indifferent. That is something of which we are all quite capable.”

Separated by one week, the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention had polar-opposite views on America’s future. With regard to Islamic terrorism, Republican candidate for president Donald Trump and other GOP speakers warned of the ongoing war with ISIS.

Hillary Clinton and her bullpen of speakers barely made mention of Islamic terror.

The quote at the top is for the multitudes of Muslims who are either afraid to speak out against ISIS or who tacitly agree with ISIS’s goals, but not their murderous means. The bigger problem is a growing number of American leftists who reject the prosecution of all wars and turn a blind eye to the blood lust of Islamic extremists.

Some, like President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, bridle against the words radical and terrorism being used in the same sentence.

Hillary is either willfully ignorant or, more likely, puts her own political and financial ambitions ahead of the safety of Americans.

Then there is the Democratic presidential challenger, Bernie Sanders, who acts un-American and whose policies would subvert many of the nation’s foundations. Sanders, a self-described socialist, has followers that seem more like anarchists than leftists.

To borrow loosely from five-star general and field marshal Douglas MacArthur’s famous retirement speech to Congress, old socialists don’t die, they just fade away with our freedoms.

Democrats have painted GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump as a warmonger. It is my contention that if elected president, Clinton is incapable of being a decisive war leader. And war is not just coming, it is already here and has been for some time.

After 9/11 war it began in earnest again when 13 people were killed in 2009 by Nidal Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist who had been brainwashed by Islamic jihadists while at Fort Hood in Texas.

The next attacks were in Boston, Massachusetts, Garland, Texas, San Bernardino, California and two months ago in Orlando, Florida. Each time the killers were Islamic extremists. Each time President Barack Obama failed to mention radical Islam. Instead Obama used these tragedies to jump on his hobby horse — gun control.

Clinton in lockstep with Obama

The Democratic debate last November was right out of Alice in Wonderland. Hillary Clinton refused the premise that the U.S. is at war with radical Islam. Her solution to better relations with Islam is an outreach program to Muslim countries. My suggestion is she should have a sit-down with ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. It will be brief and toasty.

Worse yet is Bernie Sanders who, in that same debate, claimed that climate change was the greatest threat to American security. Bernie is certifiably crazy, which explains his constituency that I refer to as Bernie’s Bums. I believe that Bernie has the heart of a revolutionary and beneath that grandfatherly facade is another Leon Trotsky.

But the entire Democratic Party has swerved so far left it isn’t even recognizable.

Roger Simon wrote this for PJ Media on July 26, 2016:

Forget the emails. Forget the angry Bernie followers and the various pathetic internecine betrayals. The real story from day one at the Democratic National Convention is that in sixty-one speeches never once did these so-called “liberals” mention terrorism.

In fact almost simultaneously… an 84-year-old priest in Rouen, France was having his throat cut by ISIS maniacs during morning mass. The Islamic terrorists had him kneel, filming his death.

As I watched the grand party at the Democratic Convention, I was reminded of the Nazi gala in December 1944, hosted by Hitler and attended by his top henchmen. At the time, Soviet tanks and infantry were just outside Berlin’s city limits with U.S. and British forces deep inside the western German border. Meanwhile, Nazis were toasting to victory based on Hermann Göring’s propaganda promises of Wunderwaffe or super weapons that would destroy allied troops where they stood.

This psychotic denial of facts that the Nazis clung to is not so different from Clinton’s conviction that ISIS is not a threat when it is an enormous threat. Here is something to consider before you vote in November.

ISIS is the richest non-state paramilitary group in modern history.

The Financial Times has estimated that during the 12 months that ended last November, ISIS had generated $500 million from pirated oil sales and hostage taking.

The official 9/11 Commission Report estimated that terror attack cost al-Qaeda half a million dollars. At last count, ISIS was making three times that much money every day. And that doesn’t even include the cornucopia of U.S. state-of-the-art weapons that were collected by ISIS when U.S.-trained regular Iraqi troops deserted their positions.

All that cash has emboldened ISIS to declare a Caliphate for the first time in nearly a century. More than money, ISIS has troops. Some 35 affiliate groups have sworn allegiance in Libya, Tunisia, Nigeria and Yemen as well as the Philippines, Pakistan and Indonesia.

I was surprised when I talked to a source of mine about traveling to the Philippines. Until recently she worked as a field agent for Canada’s intelligence services. She told me that the Philippines are one of the most dangerous destinations for westerners because of ISIS infiltration.

ISIS is also recruiting from the U.S. at a far greater rate than al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda arrests averaged 1.5 per month compared with an average of 4.1 ISIS cases between March 2015 and November 2015.

Trump is a better alternative

I am not enthusiastic about Donald Trump. I find him to be egotistical and narcissistic. He is so bold as to make promises of how he will fix problems facing the United States his first day in office. His understanding of the middle class is probably no better than Clinton’s. But a vote for him is a vote against Clinton.

And Trump deserves some praise. He is not politically correct. He realizes America’s problems and talks about them openly.

Trump’s short list for vice president included General Michael T. Flynn who served in the field of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Although a registered Democrat, Flynn continues to be an ardent supporter of Trump. He believes that Trump understands the threat of ISIS and will make their destruction a priority of his administration.

Conversely, Clinton’s presidential platform is so abhorrent that I find it offensive. Her economic agenda focuses on climate change is bad enough. But bathroom rights for transgenders, including children who are too young to know about sex, let alone their “real” sexual identity, is baffling to me and as I suspect it is to a majority of Americans.

There is stupid and there is dangerous. And that’s where Clinton goes too far for me. She is ignoring radical Islam’s threat to the United States and western democracies. I understand the full impact of this enemy may be decades away, but with leaders like Clinton, its course will be accelerated.

The time has come when great majority must not remain indifferent.

Yours in good times and bad,

— John Myers

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