Gold and silver outrun all paper currencies

I began publishing my monthly newsletter The Bob Livingston Letter™ (subscription required) in 1969. The following appeared in the September 2006 issue where I reinforced my earlier call (from February 2006) for readers to buy silver. Silver was early in a run that would take it from $8.65/ ounce in August of 2005 to more than $51 when it hit its peak in April 2011. So while silver was returning a 493 percent increase, the Dow increased 8 percent and the S&P increased 4 percent. Indications are we are once again on the cusp of a bear market and I’m again urging readers to buy gold and silver – including junk silver – to  hold in their possession. 


Once before we wrote that gold broke out against all currencies. Now look at silver for 2005 against the currencies. Silver was itself the world’s strongest currency. It rose by 29 percent against the U.S. dollar, 46.9 percent against the Japanese yen, and 47.7 percent against the Euro.

The upside for silver is very high. I still consider it to be a good buy. As I said before, silver is ready to go into circulation again as money as the U.S. dollar goes down. It looks like present coinage. It is still legal tender. I fully expect a silver dime to again someday fetch a loaf of bread. For everyday barter or exchange, I don’t think silver can be beat. Your gold is for large items. Besides all of this, your dollar profits will be unbelievable. Look at what has happened since we last recommended that you buy the “junk” silver… that is U.S. pre-1965 silver coins in dimes, quarters, and half dollars.

You can buy mixed bags as well. My wife loves silver dimes because that’s all she had as a girl on the farm. She remembers how much those silver dimes would buy.

Editor’s note: The best way to buy silver and gold is from a reputable local coin dealer. Look for one with a good Better Business Bureau history that has been in the community for a long time. That way you can see what you’re buying  and evaluate who you are buying from. Also, I recommend buying with cash so there is no record of your purchase. Store it in a fire-proof safe secreted somewhere in your home, and tell only one or two of your most trusted friends and family members that you have and where it is. For more options for buying precious metals, see “How to buy gold.” For more storage options, see “How to securely store precious metals” and “Keep your gold safe.”  — BL

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