Shameless: HLN blurs Trump t-shirt worn by hero who rescued baby

What could have been another tragic baby dies in hot car story was prevented when a quick-thinking retired police officer rescued the child. But when HLN interviewed the hero following the rescue, the news network took issue with his pro-Trump t-shirt.

Steve Eckel, a 53-year-old retired sheriff’s deputy, was running errands at a New Jersey shopping center when he heard another shopper, 30-year-old Sara Mazzone, scream as she noticed a 4-month-old baby roasting in a locked car.

“Right as I passed her she screamed and said, ‘Oh my God,'” Eckel told New York Daily News.

Mazzone and Eckel quickly realized that the little girl was “clearly in distress” as she sat in the backseat of a sweltering car.

The two acted fast, calling 911 and attempting to locate the child’s guardian in a nearby department store.

But believing that the youngster would perish if left in the hot vehicle much longer, Eckel grabbed a small sledgehammer he remembered was in his truck and rescued the child.

“There’s no doubt in my mind the baby would be dead if we didn’t do what we did,” Eckel said.

The child’s mother showed up later, after being gone for as long as an hour, and was arrested for child endangerment.

Sounds like a feel-good story, doesn’t it? And it is.

But it’s also taken an unexpected turn in further proving shameless media bias in favor of Hillary Clinton, particularly at the CNN-owned HLN network.

Initially the network aired the interview with Eckel sans censorship:

But someone in the Clinton camp must’ve taken issue, because a later re-broadcast of the segment looked like this:

Now, think about what’s going on here.

Eckel did something good. And it earned him his 15-minutes. There’s little doubt that, knowing he’d be making media rounds, the retired officer selected his shirt as an exercise in free speech.

Apparently, we can’t have heroes wearing “Trump for President” garb— at least not on Clinton’s News Network.

This is just the latest in HLN/CNN blatantly censoring content and silencing voices to aid the Clinton campaign.

Television personality Dr. Drew Pinsky said he was “gravely concerned” about Clinton’s health in a recent interview.

His show on HLN later got canned, with the network blaming “rebranding” to focus on more news content.


CNN, meanwhile, produced a recent segment revolving around a tweet from Trump demanding that Clinton release her medical records. But not before they edited it without notice to viewers.

See for yourself. Below is CNN’s version of Trump’s online remark, followed by reality’s version:


Notice the difference?

As the news organization gets called out for its obvious bias in favor of Clinton, its leadership just cites “mistakes.”

“We blurred the logo and shouldn’t have; it was done in error,” an HLN rep said of Eckel’s Trump shirt.

“The tweet should have been shown in its entirety,” a CNN spokesman said of Trump’s tweet.

It’s not a surprise. After all, CNN is owned by Time Warner. Time Warner happens to have been one of Clinton’s best political donors over her lengthy government career.

Blow up your TV.


For media, questioning Clinton’s health is a fireable offense

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