Nuts to Bush

Anyone surprised by the “breaking news” that former President George H.W. Bush will be voting for Hillary Clinton has not been paying attention to world events or my writing over the years.

Although their origins could not be more different, Bush and Clinton are two peas from the same pod. Both of them are who they are by virtue of the fact that they have sold their souls to the globalists and are part of the Council on Foreign Relations and water carriers for international banksters, most notably, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. They have been joined at the hip through those connections for many years.

Bush grew his wealth running an oil company that was a CIA front company and working for the Carlyle group which was a shakedown organization for stealing the wealth and resources of Third World nations. Clinton grew her wealth using pay-to-play schemes and shaking down Third World leaders and wealthy oil sheikhs through the phony charity called the Clinton Foundation.

Both hold great disdain for the people of America (and “common people” around the globe), seeing them as pawns to be used and tossed aside in the quest for New World Order. Both of them advocate for the suppression of human liberty via government power and subterfuge. Both of them have enriched themselves beyond measure off the system courtesy of their globalist connections.

And Bush’s support of Clinton is iron-clad evidence there is no difference between the two political parties. In truth, the only two parties are the establishment elites on the one hand and the people on the other.

Of course, if Bush is tipping his hand about his “vote,” what he’s saying is the important vote has been cast. Bush is telling us that he voted for Hillary while sitting at the CFR board room table or via a teleconference. Bush knows better than anyone that — except in the rarest of occasions — votes at the ballot box don’t count for much. The important votes have already been cast.

Clinton expressed her disdain for the people last week in her comment that half of Trump voters were a “basket of deplorables” who are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic – you name it.” She later said she regretted saying half. That is likely the only true statement she’s ever uttered. She meant “all voters.”

After he left office, Bush made a similar slip. I wrote about it in the December 1997 issue of my monthly newsletter, “The Bob Livingston Letter™” (subscription required) under the title, “Nuts to Bush.” Here it is in its entirety:

Nuts to Bush

The CIA celebrated its 50th anniversary in September by throwing a big party. Former President George Bush, who headed the CIA from 1976-77, was the keynote speaker. Bush lashed out at critics of the CIA, calling them “nuts.” He also condemned those who want to reorganize the CIA as “nuts,” and also those who advocate more openness at the agency. Mr. Bush said: “same to you — you’re nuts and so is the horse you came in on.”

Bush’s lame humor is merely an indication of a “disconnect” from the American people that runs much deeper. There was always something about Bush that failed to connect with the rest of us — with reality. It was not merely his aloofness, but his inability to draw simple, common sense conclusions. Nor was it his constantly goofy, uncomfortable manner that distinguished him as different. Instead, it was the clear pattern displayed time and again that Bush was never his own man, but one led by others. George Bush always acted like he had something to hide because he does have something to hide.

Bush’s disconnection from the rest of us started long ago. He was born into an establishment family connected with the Royal Institute on International Affairs and its American spin-off, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He became a leader in both the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, carrying water for the international bankers when Chase Manhattan Bank president David Rockefeller chaired both organizations.

At times it appeared that Bush was also in service to the British crown, advocating world union or empire with the anglo-American establishment on top. As a former U.N. ambassador, Bush always spoke on behalf of the global elite’s dream of a New World Order. As President, he went so far as to proclaim the fulfillment of the New World Order in 1991 when he started the Persian Gulf War with Iraq.

Bush’s use of the term “nuts” to describe his critics actually goes back to 1979 and 1980. Bush was campaigning against Ronald Reagan for the Republican nomination and ran into a bit of trouble. Down in Texas a fellow named Johnny Stewart printed tens of thousands of wall charts revealing Bush’s secret ties to the global elite and their secret societies. Included in the chart were documented quotes from Bush (“Everything I am I owe to David Rockefeller”) and Rockefeller (“Go, Bush, go”).

Bush replied to Stewart by calling him “nuts,” a term that Bush has used many times to try to refute those who reveal his conspiratorial connections. It was too late. Texas newspapers picked up on Stewart’s charts and Bush’s lead over Reagan disappeared overnight in his own “home” state (at that time, a rented hotel room), and with it, the Bush candidacy. By the way, ole Johnny Stewart has since passed on, but his work has been continued by Cy Minnett (Box 33339, Kerrville, TX 78029).

At the recent CIA gala, Bush was especially abusive toward those who disclosed such CIA operations against the American people as MKULTRA. It was a “ghastly period of disclosure,” Bush told 4,000 CIA officers at their Langley headquarters. Ghastly for whom? These secret programs involved experimentation with mass brainwashing techniques and even promotion of psychotropic drugs, including Timothy Leary’s advocacy of LSD, upon an uninformed, unconsenting American populace. The CIA goal was the same as Leary’s, to get Americans to “tune in” to the mass propaganda of the global elite “and drop out” of control on one’s own life.

The CIA’s connection to the Iran-contra-Israeli and Clinton-Lassiter scandals involving illicit drugs are also well documented. Not coincidentally, Bush also served on the board of directors of the Eli Lilly corporation, which writer Eustace Mullins claims first extracted THC from marijuana and funneled it and other drugs from its labs to American streets. Today the Lilly Endowment sponsors studies of the effects of religion on Americans, revealing the global elite’s psycho-spiritual approach to mass manipulation and control.

At the big party, Bush also revealed the true enemy of the CIA. “It is unpredictability and instability in this world, and we better understand that as a nation,” he said. Control is the key. Among its unofficial duties, the CIA has been a primary tool for deceiving, manipulating and thus controlling great masses of people. Bush’s plea for CIA independence is a veiled declaration that it will remain as a play thing for the New World Order. His “we better understand that” comes across not as a warning to our country but as a threat to liberty loving people everywhere.

[Editor’s note: I could find no information on Minnett, whether he is still alive and, if so, if the address above is still valid. Also of note, in 1992 Minnett ran on the Populist ticket as James Bo Gritz’s vice presidential nominee. As for Bush, that he lost to Reagan in the 1980 primary was one of the great political upsets of modern times. Reagan was persona non grata to the establishment, but his charm and wit and acting skills drew so many voters into his sphere that he overwhelmed both CFR men: first Bush and then Jimmy Carter. But the CFR quickly co-opted the Reagan presidency by forcing him to accept Bush as his veep and Alexander Haig, George Shultz, Donald Regan, William Casey, Malcolm Baldridge, Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick, Frank C. Carlucci and William E. Brock, among others, into his cabinet. –BL]

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