Which presidential candidate has a history of abusing immigrants, women and children?

Note the “brave” fully armed and armored federal agents threatening unarmed Americans (and terrifying a young boy) in their own home.


The mainstream media and establishment governmentarians would have you believe there is one candidate and one candidate only who seeks to roust immigrants from their homes in mass deportations and who would establish a reign of terror on women and children.

But the candidate they implicate has no history of doing so – even though illegals should be deported when located and identified — while the candidate they are attempting to set in the seat of power of Empire America does.

Recall that Hillary Clinton ran the vetting of attorney general candidates for her husband. After false starts selecting women with “illegal immigrant” and “tax” problems (Nannygate), they settled on Janet “Johnny” Reno.

Reno went on to approve the assault on Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in which a boy (Sammy Weaver) was murdered by a shot in the back and Vicki Weaver was executed by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi (who also turned up at Waco) while she stood in her own home holding her baby; and the federal assault on the Branch Davidian compound in which 82 people (including two dozen children) were shot and/or incinerated by federal agents. And low and behold, Reno approved the kidnapping and deportation of Elian Gonzalez (a legal immigrant) to the  hellhole that is communist Cuba. Young Elian was snatched from his relative’s arms in the wee hours of the morning during a military-style assault by armed and fully armored federal agents acting on orders from the Clinton/Reno Department of (In)Justice.

All this in addition to the Witch from Chappaqua’s long history of abusing, intimidating, threatening and shaming (and using operatives in government and media to do the same) of the long list of women who accused serial rapist Bill Clinton of various degrees of sexual assault, and SHillary’s long-term support of and advocacy for the murder of the soon-to-be-born up to the moment of birth.

How anyone can support — much less hand over the reins of government power — to such a person as Hillary Clinton defies explanation.

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