Why I’m Voting For Trump

I wrote a book called the We’re All Libertarians Now:70 Reasons Why Neither Side Is Your Side a number of years ago, and in that book I fingered Michael Moore as one of the people I detest the most. Even though he is a Hillary Clinton supporter, he came out with a video describing why people are voting for Trump – and its the same reason I will vote for him, despite having voted Libertarian forever:

Voting Trump is a big fuck you to politicians, the establishment and the globalists who would like to see the concept of America being torn to shreds. We have yet to see anyone take hold of this sentiment yet, since everyone up there so far has been a career politician, except for possibly Ron Paul.

So yes, Donald Trump is the virtual Molotov Cocktail we need to throw at the corrupt establishment bullies who have run our lives for so very long.

He may be rude and crude and probably overly manly for our overly feminized populace, but he might be just what we need to begin a return to the original concept of what America is all about, and it’s long past time we had someone who could shake things up.