Goodbye, President Obama


As President Barack Obama hands over the keys to the Oval Office today, here’s a look back on some of the biggest disappointments of the era of “hope and change.”

President Obama entered the White House with a lot of promises. For conservatives that was bad news because it meant big government handouts to enable a failed welfare state. For liberals, Obama’s first inauguration signified a moment of hope– of end to war, of a renewed focus on civil liberties after the overreach of the Bush administration an of a chance for the nation’s trodden upon to rise to greatness. They too quickly learned that the Obama administration ushered in an era of bad news.

Here’s some of the worst.


Accessible and affordable healthcare in the U.S. was something that all Americans could agree would be good news for the country. But the Obama administration’s solution, no matter how well intentioned, ended up being little more than a poorly managed handout to insurance executives.

Obamacare is working

Obamacare’s Real Costs

Obamacare may not survive the year

Architects of Obamacare deserve prison

Puede Calificar Y Recibir Obamacare TOTALMENTE GRATIS

Why Obamacare Is Not A Train Wreck; It’s A Suicide Attack

Only A Dictator: Obamacare Delays Tell The Story Of A Too-Powerful Executive

Fast and Furious

It didn’t start as an Obama administration program, but the Fast and Furious scandal’s mishandling by the Obama team represents a trend of unaccountability that defined the administration.

ATF Fast And Furious Plot Thickens: Feds Attempted Cover-up

The Fast And The Spurious II

Fast & Furious Fall-Out: Why Is Attorney General Eric Holder Stalling?

Ties To Fast And Furious: Corrupt Prosecutor’s Twisted Justice

Justice Report Clears Holder In Fast And Furious

More Stonewalling From Eric Holder To Conceal Fast And Furious Papers

A President of Peace

President Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, but…

Libya Calls For Ceasefire In Response To UN’s No-Fly Zone Resolution

Intervention Fail: Back to Libya

Critics Still Confused By Obama’s Mission In Libya

Kucinich Says Obama’s Handling Of Libya May Be Impeachable Offense

‘Not A Bug Splat’: Project Launched To Remind Drone Operators Of Civilian Casualties

If U.S. Drone Strikes In Pakistan And Yemen Are Legal Under International Law As Obama Claims, Does That Mean Other Nations Recognizing Terror Threats In U.S. Territory Can Legally Order A Drone Strike Here?

Rights Groups: Civilian Casualties In Drone Strikes Soar, Administration Officials Guilty Of War Crimes

Peace Prize President Prepares For All-Out Drone Assaults

Race Relations

The nation’s first minority president was seen as a sign that race relations in the country would improve and that U.S. minorities would see their lives improve. Neither happened.

Largest share of Americans view ‘race relations’ as nation’s top problem since L.A. riots

The president pretends he fixed race relations

Obama’s Incompetence May Fuel Racial Violence

The State Of The Disunion

America’s racial tension from a different perspective

Is Barack Obama Fueling A Race War?

More Blood On Obama’s Hands





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