We’re Becoming a Nation of Pets

Marijuana legalization is sweeping across the states, and anti-pornography measures are starting to pick up. Between the two, we see free-staters and nanny-staters both taking their beliefs into the public square.

Most people will agree that for something to be a crime, there must be a victim. Nanny state supporters would have you believe that all of society is the victim in the cases of things like legal marijuana and pornography.

Perhaps this is based on an inability among these supporters to appreciate that different people prefer different things. But in the end, they are merely saying that because they don't like something, it should be illegal.

That's the definition of tyranny.

Whether the thing concerned is marijuana, pornography, or even sugary drinks, whenever the government steps in to say how you can and cannot behave towards yourself, we are no longer a nation of free people, but of pets, answerable to some master.

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