Chemical warfare in America

Establishment politicians and the mainstream media almost beat each other to death last week in striving to be the one to express the most outrage over the alleged chemical attack in Syria that is reported to have left dozens dead, including children, and more hurt.

Then President Donald Trump, who cautioned President Barack Obama against attacking Syria the last time chemical weapons were used (it turns out by so-called “moderate” rebels) in Syria – used the alleged attack as a pretext to launch dozens of missiles at a Syrian air base. This led, according to reports on the ground, to the death of nine people, including four children.

Trump and establishment politicians claimed that images of dying Syrian children forced the U.S. to act. If only the establishment politicians and mainstream media cared as much about Americans.

The American people are victims of chemical warfare, biological warfare and psychological warfare on a far greater scale that what is alleged to have occurred in Syria, and have been for years. The fact that they are unaware of it does not change the truth.

We tend to think of chemical or biological warfare as producing pain and death rather quickly. Not so. It can have a 40-year incubation period calculated to help you expire as you retire. Chemical warfare can come from a needle, your drinking water, a gas chamber, or on a battlefield.

Certainly there is no worse form of biological and chemical warfare than vaccinations and inoculations. Parents are intimidated into “vaccinating” their children and seniors are cajoled into taking “flu shots.” If you are persuaded to take a chemical into your body, you are nevertheless a victim of chemical warfare. Through propaganda we are force medicated.

So we really already have chemical and biological warfare programs in the form of vaccines and flu shots. By all definitions, these sold as medications represent chemical warfare against the American people.

More chemical warfare comes in the form of water flouridization. The U.S. has general and universal fluoride in our drinking water.

No one would dare drink “public” water if they knew what fluoride does to them. All but a very small number think nothing of it. They have been persuaded by propaganda to “volunteer” to take poison. This is the essence of modern psychological warfare.

Many holistic people believe that the saccharine disease, (saccharine here means white sugar, other artificial sweeteners and refined carbohydrates) is the ultimate warfare against the people. It is more subtle, more enticing, and more certain in its effect. But here again, the danger is masked with a long incubation period.

Sugar consumption most surely leads to degenerative disease and death. It needs to be classified as poison because it leads to the same conclusion of disability and death as fluoride and vaccines.

The manifestations are many and they surely come in the form of intestinal stasis (constipation), varicose veins, deep venous thrombosis, hemorrhoids, diverticular disease and colon cancer. Then of course, there is dental caries and periodontal disease. Add to this diabetes, obesity, primary E. Coli infections, gall stones and peptic ulceration.

The rise in coronary thrombosis is most directly related to refined sugar. Public information on coronary disease is erroneously centered on fat consumption. Everybody believes that fat consumption means coronary disease although this has never been proven. Establishment doctors are fully versed in the “dangers of fat consumption,” but seem to be oblivious to the increasing rise in blood lipids (blood fat) because of the consumption of refined carbohydrates.

Then when we approach the end of life, which has been shortened by the chemical and biological assault our bodies have endured, the standard practice is to administer morphine for “pain control.” It’s not publicized, and the medical establishment would deny it, but terminal people secretly get propofol (the Michael Jackson drug) at hospitals. Both morphine and propofol are considered by conventional medicine as “gentle death.”

The U.S. government and the pharmaceutical trusts combine to make a very sophisticated system of chemical and biological warfare against the American people. They do this under the pretense of medication.

Propaganda is a very powerful way to persuade people to accept things against their best interest. There are tens of thousands of toxic poisons sold to the public with the representation that they are medicines.

Of course, the medical establishment and the propaganda media have deceived the public into believing that there is scientific proof the medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration are both safe and helpful.

The term “scientific proof” is a euphemism to cover general assault upon the population by monopoly chemical cartels. Of course, the FDA doesn’t develop or “scientifically” prove anything. They are only the political collaborators with the pharmaceuticals.

The effect of all these poisons is well known. They are invasive and their use under any pretense amounts to assault upon the people.

Can educated automatons execute millions of people with chemical poison and not know what they are doing? Such is the Machiavellian nature of a mind control system devoid of common sense.

Symptomology triggers the created desire for drugs when, in truth, all so-called diseases are crises of toxemia. In medical orthodoxy, it’s not about prevention and cure. It’s about quieting symptoms with drug poison.

Medicines and vaccinations are all about commerce, profits and population control.

International pharmaceutical cartels and monopolies are not just marketing chemicals as medicine. They are deeply involved or, better stated, they are in business with government. They plan and carry out wars, human experiments, and population control. Their interests and the interests of big government are identical. It’s not just all about money. It’s about power and the New World Order. The controlled press wouldn’t dare touch this subject.

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