The income tax and mass confusion

The most desperate and vicious wild animal can be contained and controlled by confusing it. To confuse is to dominate the mind of man.

The income tax system (IRS) is a system of control through confusion. It is nothing less than sophisticated witchcraft.

The so-called Internal Revenue Service is the most deceptive system of the twisting of human mentality to create an intimidated and docile people ever devised. No savage and invading army could come close to conquering millions of people and hold them in “voluntary” subjection as has the misnamed income tax scheme.

A testament to the perfection of the deception is clearly evident in that the identical system is used universally the world over. It was the basis and foundation of the Nazi system. Few people know this.

The most subtle and vicious dimension of the income tax is that it promotes and literally creates racism, classism and ethnic cleansing.

Racism, classism and ethnic cleansing come out of economic oppression and discrimination more completely and more absolutely than from the barrel of a gun. This, my friends, is what the income tax really is. It alone is all that is needed to squelch human liberty. The IRS is the enforcement Gestapo of “public policy” in America. It is all that is evil in the suppression of liberty. May God have mercy upon sleeping and docile Americans.

The income tax and confusion go together like disease and death. The one necessarily accompanies the other. One reason the tax code is so confusing is because it is impossible to reconcile the collectivist, confiscatory income tax with a free people and limited government. The confusing income tax and tax code reveal the beast of collectivism for what it is — unchecked power and tyrannical force in all its anti-human ingloriousness. Consider the criticism of then Senator John Ashcroft:

“Treason may be a capital crime, but the Constitution gives traitors better treatment than the tax system gives to law-abiding Americans when they die….”

“Under Article III of the Constitution, the federal government is prohibited from confiscating a person’s estate for the crime of treason. Through the estate tax, however, we continue to tax Americans when they die. How can we allow the federal estate tax to confiscate up to 55% of an estate for the involuntary act of dying?”

This was a rare admission from a system politician. Perhaps more important than revealing the contradiction between the Constitution and the tax code, Ashcroft pointed out that while the system promotes “voluntary compliance,” it enforces voluntariness by involuntariness! Confusion! Hypocrisy!

The confusion of attempting to abide by such a contradictory and hypocritical tax code is nothing, however, compared to the spiritual confusion among the taxpayers who uphold the system. For where there is confusion, there is every evil work (James 3:16). Remove the confusion and suddenly the taxpayers realize it is themselves who ultimately uphold the system, not the tyrants who designed it and enforce it!

By concealing the system with hype, the taxpayer will not focus instead on the real facts of the matter; i.e., that the government operates on a privately profitable, self-generating, self-funding financial system that is not backed by anything of intrinsic value or worth, such as gold. It creates “dollars” out of thin air, paper and computer digits, and so does not really need to confiscate taxpayer paper “dollars” and computer digits from taxpayer bank and savings accounts.

There are two main reasons for the income tax. The government wants taxpayers to spiritually believe in the illusion of the “value” of its system and “dollars,” while at the same time limiting the consumer power of those millions of taxpayers through taxation and thus keeping the large (but disappearing) middle class from competing with the government, corporate and global elite for goods and services.

By the way, for those who would argue that the size of the middle class is stable or even growing, they are wrong. In terms of market basket purchasing power, today’s middle class is actually lower class, compared to the middle class of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I am not saying anything new here to those of you who already know that you afforded more pricey goods on far less money in years past, notwithstanding the propaganda of the government’s own Consumer Price Index.

When someone is spiritually deceived into faithfully believing in a system, it becomes impossible for that person to think logically, rationally, coherently and consistently about the true nature and problems associated with that system. It took thousands of years for the elite and their spiritual descendants to put over this spiritually based deception and system on a truly global scale. By perpetuating it, the elite remain in charge — a plutocracy masked by the usual labels: democracy, social democracy, socialism, global capitalism, free trade, etc.

Even the communist systems of Red China, North Korea and Russia (still) operate on the same basis. The income tax is, you’ll recall, one of the 10  planks of the Communist Manifesto. You can now understand why this system’s concealment in the United States is the most perfect cover of all time, and why most Americans will “patriotically” participate in it!

Spiritual deception leads to total control. Here the spiritual basis, illusion and deception of the system are truly revealed for those who would care to look and dare to admit it: A nation entangled in an immoral system of government and finance will be led by immoral politicians, supported by an immoral mass media, and applauded by the immoral masses. It’s the way of confusion.


The IRS deception works simply because the American people have been programmed to believe in a fiction called the U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar cannot be measured by the five senses. Green strips of paper with numbers on them are not dollars. They are only symbols of dollars. But belief in the dollar as substance (not fiction) is so ingrained and widespread that it ranks with religion.

When Americans discover that the government and its symbiotic partner, the Federal Reserve, create credit in unlimited amounts, they will know that the idea of income taxes is nothing more than political subterfuge. They will know that federal budgets and national debts are fictions and diversions. They do not exist.

When the government creates credit and passes it into circulation in exchange for goods and services, it is stealing. It is exchanging nonsubstance, a fiction, for substance. It is theft on an unbelievable scale.

American politicians are involved with the cover-up of the world’s greatest fraud. They hold no congressional hearings on the Federal Reserve System and how “money” is created. I can think of no other name for this great deception except modern Mystery Babylon.

People have great fear and frustration in America because they are forced to be “politically correct.” Everything is measured by its “political correctness.” Political correctness is another code word for conformity.

That being said, we do not advocate any form of protest or confrontation with the IRS or the federal government. You do that at your own peril. It is virtually impossible to beat the King in his own court.

Our purpose is to share information with you in order to help you experience reality and truth. Being free is being free of deception. May God help us in our quest.

For a follow-up study, order Jenkins’ book “Money, The Greatest Hoax on Earth” from Amazon if you can find and afford it. The book is no longer in print and difficult to find. I’ve seen copies priced above $300 on Amazon in years past, but they are currently listed at $50 to $199. We have reproduced transcripts from one of Jenkins’ lectures on money in which he describes the court case mentioned above, along with an explanation of what money is, is not, and how the Federal Reserve is sanctioned theft. They are available here.

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