Misguided Democratic Party will hand Trump a 2nd term, liberal icon says

The Democratic Party learned nothing from its 2016 electoral defeat, according to Camille Paglia. The author and culture critic contends that the elitist left controlling the nation’s mainstream media and Democratic insiders isolated by their tendency to declare any information that betrays their worldview “fake news,” will again turn voters away from the party 2020.

Paglia made her prediction during a talk hosted by The New York Times.

Asked about her opinion of the left’s hysterical reaction to Trump’s election, Paglia responded: “My feeling is that an election occurred and it’s incumbent on the defeated party to pull itself together.”

The Democratic Party, she said, simply doesn’t appear all that interested in self-reflection. Further, Paglia contends that the same media which declared a Trump victory impossible will play a similar role in the next election.

“What the Democrats needed to do– and the major media … needed to do was to do some soul-searching,” she said, adding, “If you read only the New York Times– I said, ‘Oh my God!’ The readers of the New York Times are heading for a major, major breakdown shock if Trump is in fact elected.”

Paglia said her biggest indicator that Trump would win the election was the left’s insistence on focusing on social justice, specifically the Obama administration’s obsession with transgender bathrooms, at a time when the party needed to prove its ability to lead on economic an international issues.


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