The anti-Trump is still just Hillary

According to the Democrat Party, Jon Ossoff is the anti-Trump.

They really wanted you to know that; so much so, they cast Tuesday’s special election to fill Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price’s 6th district seat in Georgia’s U.S. House delegation as a referendum on President Donald Trump. Ossoff himself even described his platform as “Make Trump Furious.”

I can’t argue the point. President Donald Trump is a Republican. Ossoff is a Democrat. Trump is an aggressive, bombastic, alpha male. Ossoff is a delicate, weak-chinned, beta. Trump is serious suits and loud music. Ossoff is onesies and coffee house emo. The two men are so dissimilar, they barely share a gender.

However, after Tuesday, I’d say Ossoff is more than just the “anti-Trump.” Consider:

  • Ossoff pretty much had the Democrat side of the field all to himself, the Republican field was crowded by 17 candidates.
  • Ossoff enjoyed the support of every celebrity willing to record a message in front of some Hollywood green screen, the Republicans made do with politicians of local note.
  • Ossoff hauled in record campaign scratch, the Republicans split a smaller pie in even smaller pieces.
  • Ossoff campaigned under the shield of a fawning media, the Republicans dealt with the usual adversarial punditry.
  • Ossoff didn’t win.

Jon Ossoff isn’t the “anti-Trump.” Jon Ossoff is Hillary Clinton.

Sure, Ossoff’s Congressional aspirations aren’t quite dead, but they’re definitely on life support. Every analyst right of Rosie O’Donnell acknowledges avoiding the runoff was Ossoff’s only way to win the seat. That means the $8.3 million he ran with — over 95 percent of which came from outside not only the district, but the state — looks like it might get flushed like the more than $1 billion thrown into Madame Clinton’s 2016 toilet. That his biggest boosters were also mostly from outside the state, and mostly the same people, makes the similarities between Ossoff and Clinton even more painfully obvious.

The Democrats staged what they considered to be another battle for the soul of America, and the warrior they picked to carry their standard into that battle was Hillary; only instead of pantsuits, she’s wearing skinny jeans. Instead of a career political parasite, she’s a “documentary filmmaker.”

Now they’re left framing Ossoff’s performance as some sort of moral victory. Ossoff himself described it as a “victory for the ages.” After their sure bet last November pulled up lame, I can forgive the Democrats for resetting the “victory” bar kinda low to the ground. After last week’s flameout in the Kansas 4th District special election, I suppose surviving the opening round is better than nothing. But they keep framing every battle as a referendum on Trump; and they keep losing them. President Trump is far from universally liked, even amongst Republicans; although it should be noted that his approval numbers have been rising fairly steadily.

It’s almost as if his popularity rises every time they run Hillary — or a facsimile thereof — against him. Enough with the “anti-Trump,” guys. We all know it’s still really just a substitute Hillary, and no one really liked her to begin with.

— Ben Crystal

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