Pelosi blames guns, Fox News, GOP for political violence (Video)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday suggested that Fox News is is the leading cause of political violence like that which unfolded near the Capitol on Wednesday.

Pelosi was asked Thursday what she believes created the political atmosphere which led to the shooting attack on Republicans.

She blamed Fox News, lack of gun control and political attacks from the right.

She said:

I think a lot of vitriol, one of the people went to jail for threats to me eventually when they finally found him because he was very resourceful when hiding, when he was tried his mother said, he just watches too much Fox TV. That’s what she said.

Pelosi also blamed guns:

It’s a question of gun safety that has never happened. Little babies, little children in kindergarten were massacred and nothing happened. So if you’re talking about going back to that kind of a vote.

But mostly just mean old Fox New:

I don’t know — I mean horrible stuff that I hear that’s crude and disgusting really comes from the outside. They may be inflamed, I don’t know. This mom said it was Fox News.

Despite nationwide acknowledgement that leftist political rhetoric has turned increasingly violent following President Donald Trump’s election, Pelosi rejected outright the idea that Democratic vitriol exists.

It is Republicans, Pelosi claimed, who created the “politics of personal destruction.”

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