One Man’s Trash

This is a guest post from Justin Nguyen

As Austrians, we know waste is an economic calculation that means a resource is no longer useful. That said, the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” proves insightful because an entrepreneur may see value in what some call “waste.” This is most true when it comes to food leftovers. The state, with monopoly control of waste management through its municipal “service,” has determined that all food leftovers are void of use and must be sent to landfills and buried (to rot, leak into water supplies and release methane gas into the air). The state at the federal level then uses this mounting waste as a pretext for increased intervention to regulate the consumption of ordinary people in order to solve the so-called “social” problem of the environment.

The Black Soldier Fly is changing this narrative. Voracious eaters, black soldier flies (BSF) consume food leftovers that are considered “waste” and become protein-rich feed for fish, shrimp and poultry. Turning the state waste management “service” on its head, BSF transform “waste” into valuable protein. BSF are revolutionizing the stagnated albatross of municipal waste management “service.” In fact, the BSF provides a unique opportunity to compete directly with a state service and reclaim environmentalism for free-marketeers.

The Recycle Revolution Campaign is harnessing the benefits of this amazing insect. We are crowdfunding to get this project off the ground. With your help, we can begin to breakdown the notion that only the state can provide certain services. We pick up food leftovers from restaurants, feed them to BSF and use the larvae as a protein base for shrimp feed. It diverts waste from landfills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, produces a sustainable and low cost animal feed without any breakthrough technology.

Direct competition will render municipal waste management obsolete because rather than “manage”, entrepreneurial competitors use food leftovers to create something new and provide exciting, low-cost protein to the animal feed market. This is the clear story of market innovation in the “social” problem of the environment, not to restrict or regulate but to create. It will serve as a concrete example of where the government was failing and the market stepped with an ingenious solution (and created wealth in the process).


Justin Nguyen is founder and director of Nguyen Solutions, a Christian and Libertarian start-up currently crowdfunding a campaign to recycle food using the black soldier fly. Their mission is to drive social change in direction of liberty using creativity, industry and free markets. Check it out at